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Carol Peletier Queen of the Dammed


What comes to mind when you think of Carol? The last woman standing from season one has overcome so many obstacles and seems quite at home in the world of the dead these days.

At first a weak wife to an abusive husband and a doting mother to a young girl, Carol new her place in the world, even after the world ended. But the loss of her husband and then the tragic loss of her daughter changed her forever. No longer weak she rose up to take matters into her own hands.

For myself whist they may be in two different genres, I can see similarities between Carols character and that of Ellen Ripley from the alien franchise. Both unsure and unskilled how to take on their respective monsters, But over time both become the iconic heroines that are more than capable of saving the day when things turn bad.

She has learned time and time again that this to survive in this world you need to be prepared and leave emotions out of the equation, a same life lesson she taught the children at the prison.

Carol is now somewhat merciless and doesn’t take to orders too well, which let’s face it everyone likes a rebel. She has defied Rick on a few occasions, burning the bodies of the infected at the prison so long ago being the prime example. She may have been banished from the group but she was never truly gone. Watching over the others like a bad ass guardian angel, finishing off the cannibals of terminus and reuniting with the group once more.

Now reunited she is the voice in Ricks ear, she knows if she can control him then she effectively controls the fate of the group, even more so now she has taken on her stepford wife persona in Alexandria. Hiding in plain sight Carol has become a protagonist and the great part is people don’t realise it yet.

Is it just a matter of time until Carol is exposed for what she really has become, an uncaring, merciless queen of the group who will manipulate and threaten anyone who stands in her way. Or is there another motive behind her new personality? Could she just be trying to blend in and keep the peace for the residents of Alexandria these days?

Whatever her intensions maybe, I feel it won’t be too much longer before it will be someone else’s turn to look at the flowers, if they cross Carols path.

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Rick Grimes – The New Face of Fear


The Walking Dead is Back! ….. well almost, but there is no denying the excitement and hype that has been building towards the season six premiere.

Where will season six lead us? judging by the trailer (link below for those who haven’t seen it) the key plot will be the division of the group, boiling down to who will follow Rick and who will follow Morgan, Possibly pitting the two against each other.

But what was it that lead Rick down this path? how has he gone from the mild mannered cop, who looked out for everyone to the ruthless man who is willing to rip peoples throats out, has Rick gone from the shows savior to the biggest villain The Walking Dead has ever seen.

When people think of The Walking Dead and villain in the same sentence, then the Governor instantly comes to mind, and as season six comes ever closer, the comparisons between the two characters can clearly be seen. The Governor was such an ever lasting and memorable character it seems a shame he left the show too soon, anyone who has read the the novel “Rise of the governor ” knows they only began to scratch the surface with him.

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But with Rick Grimes as each season passes, the darker, more vicious side of Rick comes to light, gone are the days of “we don’t kill the living” as evident by the last episode of season five, Rick will no longer hesitate to kill anyone in his way. Whist he may be crucial to the story, the question must be asked, how far can he be pushed, how may lives can he take for what in his mind is for the safety of the group, before he crosses the line from savior to villain.

And here in we can see the comparisons between Rick and the Governor, each man had the best intentions, to create a safe place and to protect the ones they love in the hope of a better tomorrow. But loosing close ones will always have a bigger impact then can ever be shown, to change the course they were on.

Its clear that Rick Grimes has lost his way, whilst he may reason he has the best intentions for the safety of the group, the cracks have long been there and showing for some time now. Others who have followed him since the beginning maybe too loyal to the see the errors of his ways but a fresh perspective will show a more broken man, a man on the edge, unpredictable and therefore dangerous.

Enter Morgan:

Morgan has been rarely seen but when he is on screen his presence is undeniable and is well over-due to have his presence known to the entire group. Although he and rick rarely cross paths, there is an unspoken bond, Can Morgan finally be the voice of reason in Ricks ear or will we continue to simply get rid of anyone who dares to stand in his way?

His actions clearly divide the group and this looks to split them into two factions, who will stay and who will leave Alexandria? are they willing to be as ruthless and dare i say blood thirsty as Ricks faction may willing to be. Will inner turmoil be the end of Alexandria or will Morgan and Ricks bond unite them against new foes? after all the wolves are right at their door.

Its clear the Rick uses a combination of Fear and respect to get what he wants, justifying it all for the sake of the group, but the truth is he has lost his way, looking after his family is the only thing that truly matters to him now, he is willing to use and manipulate those around him even though they look to him for leadership. So does that make him any different to the Governor?

Rick may not keep a walker aquarium in his front room but the traits are there, Gone is the good man from season one, time and strain has taken its toll, Rick is now the new face of fear.

What do you predict in season six?, is Ricks time coming to an end?, will he face off against Morgan or will it be someone closer to him that does this?

Just like all of you i look forward to Sunday,

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Fear the walking Dead, S1 E6 Review

Last night the final episode of Fear the walking dead aired here in the UK, we might be late to the party but we get there!

So last week I asked the question, would I feel justified for sticking with this show for 7 weeks (yeah Labour day, I hold grudges) and I have to say, yes I so feel justified for sticking with this show! It’s not been easy for the first four episodes I really had my doubts it would be worth my time,  but AMC proved it could turn that all around with just one show.

The first half of the show was a little slow, but I wouldn’t expect anything less by now as the group prepare to flee the safe zone, as they pack their belongings and load up two cars, the rest of the survivours are oblivious, playing board games and walking their dogs through the quiet and empty streets.

They Army are long gone now under the cover of darkness they have retreated to hospital/detention zone, leaving the defenceless civilians in the path of things to come. Daniel leads the group to the safe zone limits and then, it gets good. FTWD has been very keen to hold back in the walkers for weeks now, with only fleeting glances of them or sometimes none at all, but here on the season finale, they didn’t hold back!

The interesting thing about Daniel is how calm his approach to the whole situation is, he is able to think on his feet, be decisive and a leader, whilst maintaining the safety of the group. Will he keep this level headed approach in season two or will cracks start to show?

As Daniel and Travis leave the safe zone with the group in tow, they plan to rescue Nick, Liza and the unbeknownst to them late wife of Daniel, Griselda. Here we have a sea of the undead (seriously credit to insane amount of walkers here, the extras and cast did an outstanding job!)

Now what’s the best plan for searching for your loved ones in the middle of an undead apocalypse as the army and thousands of walkers clash at the gates …. That’s right tell your other loved ones to stay put whilst you all head off to search a building!

Daniel, Travis and Madison head off leaving Alicia and Chris alone in a car park (seriously not one parent says, hey maybe I should stay here in case anything goes wrong with these young and defenceless kids) Yes you can argue the point they were left with the instructions to leave if things got bad, but splitting up rarely ends well.

Meanwhile Jessie and Heisenberg, oops sorry I mean Nick and his new friend Mr Stand (pretty easy to pick up on those Breaking bad similarities with these two) have already escaped their confines and are heading for a way out. In a great and tense sense the best dressed man in an epidemic and his new sidekick are tapped with walkers closing in (you may have missed this scene if you suffer from epilepsy though).

Standing in-between them and what appears to be certain death is a door that is controlled by a key card and with the power flicking on and off, they are trapped.  On the other side of the door is Madison, Travis and Daniel who all desperately try to get it open, but here comes Liza to save the day! Proving that if you swipe a card enough times really quickly it will wait for the most dramatic moment to work!

Reunited with Nick and Liza the group head to the car park, unfortunately soldiers have taken the car after knocking out Chris and hinting they would like for Alicia to come with them (I don’t think they wanted her to come along for her witty remarks)

What is interesting is the group seem to instantly follow Strand, abandoning their plan to head to the dessert and instead choose to put their faith into the smooth talking, well dressed stranger. As they head to meet Chris and Alicia, it dawns upon them they are missing one car, but are just relived the kids unharmed (apart from a black eye)

Enter the solider Daniel had previously toured , he’s back and out for revenge pointing a gun at Daniel he then turns his attention to his daughter (turns out for a solider and at close range, he is terrible shot) shooting her in the arm.

This is the pivotal moment we have been waiting for Travis to step up and been the hero we need, Travis unleashes he fury upon the solider beating him half to death with his bare hands, Is this the transformation of Travis from the ultimate good guy, to a man on the edge, I certainly hope so.

The group heads to Mr Stands place, which is on the shore, clearly all is not as it seems, as Mr Stands turns photos over, with this and his reluctance to stay too long, this clearly indicates this is not his place at all, but why would the group question such a well dress and well-spoken man.

The Drama is far from over as Liza and Madison scale the cliffs to the beach below (seriously how did they get down there so fast? Ahh the magic of TV) this is the reveal of a question I asked last week, who would be the first pivotal character to die (see you in flash backs in season two Liza!)

Liza has been bitten (on her side …. Under her shirt … huh? … ok if you say so) Travis has followed Madison and his ex-wife to the beach bellow (ok those cliffs are huge how are they doing this? Did he abseil down there?)

He we have the dramatic conclusion to the season, Travis who just an episode ago wouldn’t shoot a walker, embraces his inner demons, beating a man to a bloody pulp and shoots his ex-wife in the head all within half an hour. The season ends with Madison and Travis embracing as the waves crash over them, before the camera pans out to the ocean, the Abigail (Strands boat) in view. It’s an emotional and heart wrenching end to the six episodes, setting the tone for the future.

This episode proves that the slow burn was worth it, emotional development of the characters is something that needed to have time invested in and I actually care and like the characters now, if you had asked me two weeks ago it would have been a different answer, But this paid off very nicely, let’s just hope moving forward they can carry this momentum.

It’s an interesting thought of the group on a boat, perhaps as the Walking dead is set in the heart land of America, is it a possibility that this series leaves the states? Seeing how the infection affected the rest of the world? The only thought that keeps me from liking this idea is that it leaves very little room for a crossover.

Over all I’m very happy with the conclusion, the affects, outstanding (well maybe not that rubbish looking CGI boat), the fallen city was immense, really impacting how big the scale of the outbreak was when it first took hold. Then The walkers themselves, credit to the extras on this one, the sheer mass of them was very, very impressive.

If this is setting the stage for something grander, then I admit a slow burn served its purpose. Who would you like to see more of next season? perhaps the return of Tobias? The development of Mr Strand (queue flash backs of Strand killing a wealthy man and taking his belongings in season two)

Either way it’s very open for the show to go in any direction and I for one like it,

Thank you for reading my long  winded ramblings!

See you all for the return of the Walking dead next week,

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Fear The Walking Dead, S1 E5 Review

Well last night Fear the walking dead aired here in the UK (24 hours after our American cousins) so avoiding Facebook and twitter is a must  on a Monday if I am to stay spoiler free.

This was the set up before the final episode of the season, where finally we can see the wheels begin to turn, finally a little grit, some tension as finally some walkers!

This show has been keen to hold back on the walkers for now, let the characters find their path, building for weeks before the realisation they are in real trouble sinks in.

This week we see good Guy Travis take a ride along with the army, why you ask, erm …why not!, he needed something to do right? and they seem to have taken a shine to a local teacher with no combat skills and is fully against guns.

As Travis sat in the back of the car, I couldn’t help but notice how much this reminded me of Breaking Bad (now hear me out) Just as Walter White went for a ride along, that would change the remainder of his life and to get a different view of how the world really works.

So did Travis, Both Travis and Walter where told to stay put in their respective shows as the authority figures moved in for the kill. Leaving both to watch from the window of the car, baring witness to the events that unfolded before their very eyes.

So in my opinion, either very lazy writing or a nice little nod to AMC’s former flag ship show, either way I thought the similarities were there.

Meanwhile Daniel of all people stepped it up to become the bad ass the show has been lacking, not one to be fooled he takes a solider hostage, in a very gritty scene he has the solider bound and peals his flesh from his arm for answers. A move people don’t agree with but they all soon come around to his methods once the solider starts to reveal what they are planning.

It turns out the army are leaving, pulling back as the situation worsens, these people are on their own from the next episode it seems. Their lack of compassion for the people they are meant to protect starts to show here, in the hospital/detention centre, anyone who so much as sweats is regarded as infected and taken away to be dealt with before they turn.

This unfortunately this is where Nick is being held, going though withdrawals at the beginning of the apocalypse is bad enough, but to be going through withdrawals around paranoid people with automatic weapons is even worse! Lucky (or most probably unlucky) For young Nick as he is about to be taken away his cellmate (well it was more of a cage really) strikes a deal with a lead solider to let him stay (note to self, single cufflinks are worth their weight in gold in the zombie apocalypse).

When Nick asks why he did that for him, he is told by his new friend that he will need a person of his skills once the army leaves and the world reverts to the old ways (Kind of felt like there should have been some organ music here, to indicate trouble ahead!) I’m not really Sure what skills a former crack addict who has poor taste in clothes has to offer but hey, why not choose him right?

This is the last we see of Nick as the Focus reverts to the star of this show, Daniel who has ventured out to see if the soldiers claims were true. Here we get a nice tense moment that was reminiscent of when Rick Grimes saw the chained doors in the hospital so long ago (don’t dead, open inside?)

It was the best episode to date, but still plodded along at a snail’s pace, but don’t mistake the lack of walkers and gore as sign of boredom, learn to appreciate the slow burn this show has, after all we will get more than our fair share of gore in a couple of weeks when its older brother The Walking Dead returns.

Is each Character perfect, not at all, I practically zone out when Travis is on Screen, he’s like the anti-version of Rick Grimes, I can only assume in the final episode, all hell is unleased and he will step up to be the hero this show needs, or will it be Daniel who is thrust into that role.

Either way the final show has to leave us feeling justified for sticking with it for 7 weeks (yeah I’m including Labour day!) and a wanting more, but seeing as the show was already commissioned for two season perhaps they could have taken more risks rather than to play it safe each week.

What do you see in store for the worst family to be stuck with at the end of the world? Will Nick reunite with them?, will Travis or David be the hero we need here, who will be the first central Character to die? (not including Daniel’s wife as she added very little to the show besides a bit of diversity).

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Fear the Walking Dead, S1 E4 Review

Well Episode four has arrived (we are one day behind here in the UK) but was it worth the wait?

Looking back at my previous review which covered up until episode three, i was craving more tension, more drama, more paranoia and did the show actually deliver? it may well have finally done.

Yes the pace is slow, but at this stage its what i have come to expect, But here we finally see the tension build within the family as they are practically prisoners in their own home.

What is interesting to see here is even though they are all under the confines of one roof, they are very much separate throughout the show, sure they interact with one another, but for the majority of it they are very much one their own.

An odd notion as the end of the world would bring people together i would have personally thought, but here we slowly see each family member break away on their own as the truth about their new surroundings dawns upon them all.

The military are in full control here, with the guy in charge playing the role of stereo-typical douche bag, he plays golf in the street, is rude to the people hes meant to be protecting, makes threats against anyone who doesn’t listen to him, you know real dickhead kinda stuff.

Here we learn that good guy Travis and his family are in one of twelve safe zones and are considered to be the lucky ones. past the fence there is no life, these are now called the DZ (the dead zones). But the funny thing about bad guys is they tend to lie.

Good guy Travis is somehow oblivious to whats happening around him, even if one by one his family begin to see that all is not as it seems, Chris see’s signs of life from the DZ but is quickly dismissed by his dad (if you cant listen to your own son in an apocalypse then you sir are a dick)

Meanwhile Madison and Nick have a falling out over Nick trying to kick his drug habit (by falling out i mean she beats her own son around the face, seriously, the guy is trying to kick his habit as the dead rise up, cut him some slack!)

But as we think these awesome parents cant do any worse, well we are wrong, they make it a hat trick and bicker in front of Madison’s daughter, before Madison heads off past the fence to inspect the DZ for herself

Amazingly for a camp that is teeming with military activity, Madison slips in and out the camp very easily, But as silly as this episode was in parts, it did build up characters (look i remember names this week!) each one has something that makes them stand out at last!

The build up of tension peaks at the end of the episode as the military start to take people away for “treatment” Nick is one of those forcibly taken away, tensions boil and Madison blames Liza (the ex wife of Travis) for this. (hey look there is that love triangle im pretty sure i mentioned last time)

Over all this wasn’t a bad episode, it ticked a lot of things off from my list, adding some dimensions to the characters and making them the main source of drama as opposed the the dead, in fact there wasn’t any sign of the undead in this episode.

I know this may have upset some fans, after all the show is entitled “Fear the Walking Dead” and seeing as its now episode four without hardly any fear being installed it can be frustrating, But honestly we need to care about these characters, to go along the journey with them, otherwise why will we care if something does happen to them.

With only 2 episodes left to go im sure there must be a pay off (please be a big pay off!)

It was a solid show this week and although the plot was a bit thin at stages if not predictable, its just nice to finally see a bit more depth.

if you cant wait a week to see the next episode check out the link below for a sneek peek at episode 5

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