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The Book Nook #5 – The Legend Begins (The Legend of Iski Flare Book 1)

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Welcome to the Book Nook, a regular feature series here on Film and Nerd TV that aims to show-case up and coming as well as already established authors work.

This week the fifth inductee to the nook is author Georgina MakalaniThe creator of The Legend Begins (The Legend of Iski Flare Book 1)


The Legend Begins (The Legend of Iski Flare Book 1) synopsis reads as the following:

In all corners of the world men whisper about the legends of Iski Flare filling their mundane lives with tales of his bravery. Village children pretend to have his adventurous nature and skills with the axe, while women dream of his kindness and strength. This is a new tale, one you haven’t heard, the story of where it all began.
All Iski wants is prove to the woman he loves that he can be the man she needs him to be. They are offered refuge in a cottage in the woods beyond the boundaries of their cursed village but the old woman is not what she seems. Accepting her help may cost him more than he is willing to give.

This is the tale of how the boy became the man. The man that would become the Legend, Iski Flare.

If this has peaked your interest you can preview The first three chapters for Free just make sure you leave a review when you do so! Having been sent a free copy i highly recommmed this is worth your while.

This tale is filled with rich and vibrant characters that will consume your imagination. Superbly written in a smooth style that flows along nicely.

As a fellow author i can tell you feedback and support are vital to a writing carrer, so please head over to Georgina Makalani‘s website and Facebook pages. Plus dont foget to follow her on twitter @gmakalani for the latest news on the upcoming second part to this wonderful story

Congratulations Georgina on your series and we hope to see you back here in the book nook in the future!

If you are a writer and would also like your work featured on The Book Nook, feel free to get in touch here on wordpress click here for the facebook page and finally follow me on Twitter@CongertonLee.

Thank you for reading



Hidden – Free Book

Hello, Well I’ve been Busy, Between reviews and general nerding it up, As I’ve gone and written a series of short tales!

So Book 2 of 5 entitled Hidden is now available on Kindle unlimited and is set up for sharing (99p in other formats)

Find it at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B018IJT172


5 Characters all linked buy one unusual chain of events, in this series of comedy tales with heart.

Look out for book 3/5 next week entitled Looks

As always your feedback is much appreciated here, on facebook and on twitter:


Thank you for reading and enjoy


Oblivious: A Short Tale (Free to Kindle)


available on amazon, FREE on Kindle, Oblivious: A Short Tale

If you enjoy, short comedy tales with heart and a message then why not check out Oblivious to add to your collection.

Mark was just an average guy, he didn’t have many friends truth be told, he would go to work each day, sit at his desk as his colleges all ignored him.

Then he would return home to an empty house each night, his girlfriend and step daughter had moved out and taken everything with them, they even trashed the house for good measure.

But despite all the bad in his life he was determined to make things work from now on.

Free on Kindle and available for sharing, £1.99 in other formats

Available Now, (Link Below)

just search for The title or the author, Lee David Congerton

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Happy reading!