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The Walking Dead | S7 E5

Negan is now well established and is a force to be reckoned with, but as fans tune out of the Walking Dead, will this week give a reason to  tune in?  ….. Join Film and TV Nerd to find out! Continue reading The Walking Dead | S7 E5


TWD Season Six – So Negan Lucilled…..


Welcome to the guest writer column at Film and TV Nerd, this week we welcome back writer  with her thoughts on the season finale of the Walking Dead! And don’t forget to forget to check out exclusive TWD content at The Walking Dead Chronicles facebook page

If you haven’t seen Season 6 Episode 16 “Last Day On Earth” yet, please pass this one by as there will be things spoiled, huge disappointments and a lot of sarcasm ahead.

Let’s begin with Carol’s suicide mission. Our heroine went from bad-ass to a whimpering mess in just a few short episodes with this one being her lowest of her lows! Understanding that the new world they’ve been living in is horrific to say the least, the things that they’ve had to do have been just unthinkable! Her timing for this moral crossroads however couldn’t have come at a worse time. Not only for her but for the people she considers family. Would things had turned out differently if she hadn’t left, probably and half the group would be at Alexandria not kneeling in the forest in front of Negan!


How about Eugene’s heroics? He has grown into becoming one to defend and protect! That took long enough, but it’s a welcomed thing to witness. With all of the praise he was receiving throughout the episode, it seemed like it was him that was going to be the payment that Negan would require and it still could be.


With that let’s get into what has been perpetrated on us loyal Walking Dead Fans! Yes, we know that this is a series and cliffhangers are designed to make sure that you return week after week and/or season after season, but this seemed almost cruel. Many times this season we were given cliffhangers and much uncertainty and while that contributes to great excitement in the short term, a continuing build up and let down isn’t healthy for the show and this stunt made many people upset and not because of the excitement or build up, but because after so much of it, nothing happened! The game of tag has never been a favorite of mine, so watching Try to Catch the Travel Trailer for almost the entire episode while poor Maggie is most likely miscarrying in the back was really frustrating!




Yes, it’s a shame that the cameraman had to go out like that, oh wait, it wasn’t the cameraman? Camera lady? Maybe Negan found another way to bust up a watermelon, you know, since he had guests and all, maybe he wanted to demonstrate his mad cutlery skills to the new comers! It did sound really messy but who knows, it may have just “sounded” that way.

After spending most of the season focusing on this big, bad character the ending was just uneventful. I guess waiting until October is the only choice we have but I may find another way to smash a watermelon by then or at the least, not invest so much into a show that they don’t appreciate the fans as they should!


Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead will be starting next week and if I even sense any BS, then I’ll be bailing. I watched the first season hoping that it would be a different take, it is, and maybe it’s just me, but I’m not getting into these characters. Time will tell.


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