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Limitless, S1 E6 Review

I’m liking Limitless as a TV show more and more. Not only do I like Brian (and Rebecca), but I like how the series is looking into the past of NZT, such as where it came from and who developed it. I like the characters and plots, but these are all of the questions I was left with after the movie ended.

Last night’s episode contained several interesting plot lines. One, like the movie, was Brian succumbing to the side effects of NZT. He mentioned at one point his own personal catch 22- If he takes the pill there will be the side effects that might kill him. However, if he doesn’t take the pill, he can’t figure out how to stop the side effects. He almost loses his life… but not before a few other plot lines comes to fruition.

The second one was Rebecca asking to take place in a war games type situation where if she was the enemy, what would she do? I knew that she was an impressive agent at Brian’s side, but I didn’t know what she was like on her own. She’s so good! I would not want her working with the enemy.

Finally, we picked up on the plot line from last week with Brian telling Rebecca about her dad. First of all, when she mentioned that she could have him arrested, I had flashbacks to all of his Pill Brian videos, where discussed that he could end up going to jail; however, then she suggested they team up. Brian got to work finding out about her dad, his time in rehabilitation, and his weekly meetings with A.E. Long story short, A.E. stood for Andrew Epperly, who was the man who brought NZT to Ubient, although he didn’t tell them what it was. When the five patients he was conducting the human trials on mysteriously disappeared, he “died” but in actuality moved to Connecticut. While Sands did kill him in the end, he did confirm to Rebecca that her father was on NZT, but he did not know how to make the move. He had actually gotten an e-mail with a chemical formula and, having a father who had Alzheimer’s, realized what the drug could do.

Tying up all of the plot lines, Rebecca realizes that he doesn’t know anything about more NZT, so he can’t help Brian (even though he’s still lying to her about having side effects anyway). After the enormous success of the war games, the director of the FBI wants to meet with Rebecca, but she puts him off to go help Brian, seeking out Epperly. Finally, Brian meets with Morra. He had never wanted him to frame Rebecca. He wants to see what his limits are or if he will just take orders. In the end, Morra gives Brian five free NZT pills to use at his own discretion.

Here’s what I don’t understand. First, Naz still seems like a stereotypical boss. I can still see her firing Brian for treason as much as firing someone for stealing office supplies from any random company. To me, she has no defining characteristics. She doesn’t have a family or gamble or anything that we as viewers can say, “Oh that’s Naz.” She’ll always be Rebecca’s boss. I did like the amount of trust that she saw between Brian and Rebecca, but that wasn’t trait-worthy. It was just commentary.

Next, I still can’t quite peg Rebecca’s partner Boyle. For the first few episodes, I didn’t think he liked working with Brian. Then, in last night’s episode, he was all friendly and even asked him for a favor. Does he want to be friends? I don’t mind either way, but the Limitless writers needs to have him choose one or at least have him express his feelings for the viewers.

Also, I like what Limitless is doing with Mike and Ike. I wish that the show did a whole episode featuring one or both of them. I know that they’re the comic relief, but I’d like to learn more about them.

Finally, I feel that after last week’s episode being a cliffhanger, so to speak, “Side Effects May Include…” ended on a good note. Brian got another shot and more pills, and Rebecca is at a good place with the FBI, even though her boss is keeping an eye on her. All in all, good times.

What did you think of this episode?

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Limitless, S1 E5 Review

As Limitless continues on, this episdode has (and should) continued to play up the fun during its episodes, it’s good to see some consequences and more serious aspects get their moments.

 The case of the week for this episode certainly implied mass chaos and destruction with the bomb, which never really got that close to being that, but it was far more of a device to give Brian some character growth outside of being Mr. Happy Nice Guy.

The day was saved, and the bad guy stopped, but there was a cost.

And it wasn’t a cost I thought the series would even attempt. I assumed Chris Harper being shot would have been merely a flesh wound, not him getting killed.
Instead, Brian learned that working for the FBI isn’t just fun and games, real people can get hurt. But it wasn’t just that someone was killed, it was someone he had managed to sort of bond with, get to know, and even at one point begrudgingly manipulate to get him to that meeting with his brother.

Brian felt responsible, and as much as it was good that Rebecca tried to talk to him about what he’d done, about the overall good he managed to do, this wasn’t some quick fix. It was a solid emotional moment for the character that also played into him telling Rebecca about her father and NZT.

He’d been toying around with the idea of telling her, but the NZT version of himself was adamant Brian not tell Rebecca.

That was an interesting aspect that even Brian questioned in that it was odd that him on NZT was talking to him like a different person. Didn’t he just have a conversation with Rebecca about being two different people on NZT, and she reassured him it’s just one him?

I’m curious to see how that might play out the longer Brian is on NZT.

But I was glad that Brian off NZT was determined to tell Rebecca about the file, despite the warnings, despite Supermax, and despite Mr. Sands. This was something he felt he had to do, and frankly, I’m pleased it’s not a storyline that’s getting dragged out over the course of the season.

Granted, Mr. Sands is going to be pissed, and Eddie Morra probably as well, but hopefully it brings Brian and Rebecca even closer together. Though, I’m sure there’s going to be more questions than answers after the fact.

Bradley Cooper is going to have some explaining to do.

At the same time, I like how Limitless is treating Brian and Rebecca’s relationship without forcing them to be romantically involved. It’s just not necessary, especially this early in the series.

So it was a actually a pleasant surprise to find out that Rebecca had a secret boyfriend in Rooks, in addition to seeing the Dexter reunion between Jennifer Carpenter and Desmond Harrington. The two have a solid chemistry together and are believable as a couple.

Their characters have some great flirty banter, and it will be interesting to see that relationship grow. What’s more, Rooks was actually a cool guy helping Brian (after the hilarious Bruce Lee debacle) get some training, and he doesn’t seem to be some jerk who has to step on Brian if he gets jealous.

This was definitely an hour that really emphasized the importance of the characters on the show and making them more than just tools to solve a twist-filled case. And it’s great to see that as the story progresses for Brian, as much fun as it is to see him crack jokes and make clay versions of the others, adding some emotional and impactful moments help round things out. It makes you far more interested to see where the overall story goes.

So far Limitless has proven to be enrtaining and highly enjoyable, lest just hope it does not hit the typical mid-season lull that most shows tend to fall into these days.

What are your thoughts on Limitless?

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Limitless, S1 E4 Review

Guess even when Brian is on NZT, juggling various cases and assignments can still be a difficult task.

Things do seem to wind up working out for him, but it’s nice to see that not everything is a simple breeze right away.

As this episode tried to throw a variety of tasks at Brian to deal with. However, not all of those wound up being interesting or that engaging.

The Zhang case was a little boring, I found myself not even really caring whether Rebecca and Boyle even completed that job. Sure, there were supposed to be some parallels with Brian stealing the NZT files from Naz, but the case sort of just became background noise.

And wow, how ridiculous was it that the password was just one word. No numbers or symbols? C’mon, she’s supposed to be a special agent and “mercy” is the password?

But I was glad that Mr. Sands was already taking Brian to task, and it’s interesting to learn why Eddie would even want those files. Good for Mr. Sands at not falling for Brian’s trick files, he definitely can hold his own against even an NZT user.

It also was good to see Mr. Sands bring up some personal consequences, from Brian’s father not getting better to Brian not getting his booster shot. Things could get very bad for Brian (you know, like death) if he doesn’t play along.

But even he isn’t just rolling over and doing whatever Mr. Sands/Eddie wants exactly. Sure, he got the files and would be giving them over, but not before reading them. It was a smart move on his part to get some extra knowledge on what the FBI has on NZT.

That revealed a brief tidbit of info on Rebecca’s father’s involvement with NZT. And it may have been a bit more than just him using.

I guess it was positive that Rebecca also got a chance to be able to connect with her father through his art, but it will be interesting to learn more about his past and his probable connection to Eddie.

The most engaging case had to be the one involving the mouse. That definitely had more of a personal connection to Brian because he knew Arthur, and that made it seem far more important to viewers. Plus, even Brian was spending his time focusing on that case instead of his other tasks.

It tried to be a little more twisty than it needed to be going from stealing info to killing for inheritance money, but I enjoy getting to see Brian passionately solve a case that means something to him.

The most enjoyable part of the hour had to be Brian sneaking his way into Claxion. From his reaction to the alarm going off to using the mice as a diversion to texting Rebecca while escaping through the laundry chute, it all made the moment more fun than super serious.

Even the two of them digging through trash explaining how they solved the case to the true killer showed their solid rapport and ability to get things done as a team.

Their relationship and working together, whether it’s just casual chatting or discussing a case, is growing on me.

This was a fair episode, even if not all of it worked or was exciting. However, it’s clear that when the show chooses to have a little fun, it truly stands out.

what do you think of Limitless so far?

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