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The Shallows | 2016

Shark movies have had a bad reputation over the last few years mainly thanks to the likes of Sharknado (all four …. yes four! of them), Two headed shark attack and ….. *sigh* sharktopus. So to attempt a serious shark story is a bold move in 2016. But does this one sink or swim? ….. join Film and TV Nerd  to find out! Continue reading The Shallows | 2016


The iron giant: (1999) signature edition review

I loved the Iron man novel written by Ted Hughes growing up having read it countless times. So  in 1999 when a movie adaptation hit the big screens i remember being very eager to see it.

Fast forward 17 years and this morning i had the pleasure of taking my two children to see the iron giant signature edition. At times i felt my self getting drawn in to the film as i did 17 years ago and at other times i just watched my two son’s faces as they saw Hogath Hughes and his giant for the very first time. Continue reading The iron giant: (1999) signature edition review

The Hateful Eight (2015) Review

Tarantino is back in his eighth feature film entitled the Hateful Eight, but would this live up to his previous work? No doubt it would be difficult to surpass this mighty Django Unchained (Remember the D is silent) either way much to the delight to his fans, Tarantino yet again provides the gore, the humour and the violence that he is well known for. Continue reading The Hateful Eight (2015) Review