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FTWD Season Two – What’s So Fearful About Fear?


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Ok, I finally watched the season opener and if you haven’t done the same, please move along, nothing to read here.

I really want this different take of The Walking Dead to work, but I’m having problems liking and getting to know these characters after being invested in the first season and the beginning of this season. Everyone has different opinions of characters that tend to reflect more about you than the actual character; so with that, time to learn some things about me and what I thought about the episode.

First of all, Nick is starting to grow on me. At first I wished him to become zombie food but in his sobriety, he’s becoming a decent character. He being the one to get the remaining family members off land and onto Abigail was pretty impressive as even Victor noticed and praised him, for it. Vic on the other hand has some serious motives for each of them being on the ship; their usefulness. It’s almost as if he had some kind of inside information about this pandemic that he was able to prepare for and quite well and well ahead of most people, I might add. Hmmm.


Alicia and Chris are getting on my nerves. Alicia, after seeing what the world is and has become, being stupid enough to talk to people on the radio after seeing Vic’s reaction to that boat loaded with people and his refusal to allow them to board. I wanted to just smack her! Chris, on the other hand is still trying to cope with not only the death of his mother but that manner in which she died; by the hands of his own father. That fact has caused him so much resentment towards his father that it leads to him punching his dad. Maybe his character can begin to realize the gravity of the world around him now and get with the program.

An interesting development from last season to now is how Travis is getting over his “wimp” factor but it appears as though Madison has now picked it up. As much as you want to save people, they are a threat. Wanting to take on the boat of people was not rationally thinking it through. She knows what the supply and fuel situations are on the ship. Adding to their dossier will cause them to be impacted negatively and possible costing them their lives. Why does Travis get that and not Madison?


Now it appears, because of Alicia’s idiotic communication with unknown people, they may now be the ones after them (the voice did say he would see her soon) and what’s worse is that group may have been responsible for the sinking of the other boat that released the buoy walkers into the water.


Let’s see what next week holds!

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