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Dare Devil | S2 E13

Well, I finally made it to the end of the season!. And as finales go, I think that topped last year’s slightly underwhelming punch-up, even if Nobu and his ninjas were never quite as compelling an antagonist as Fisk, Bu t was it worth investing 13 hours your time in? ….. Join Film and TV Nerd to find out! Continue reading Dare Devil | S2 E13


Dare Devil | S2 E12

Compared to the feeding frenzy of plot lines from episode 11, this was positively refreshing. What’s more, it gave us some invaluable insight into what made Elektra … well, Elektra, as well as who exactly was behind the Castle family murders. But with the end in sight how will the final plkay out? Join Film and TV Nerd to find out! Continue reading Dare Devil | S2 E12

Dare Devil, S2 E10 Review

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the Kingpin to be back so soon after last episode, but I’m glad he is because the face-to-face confrontation of Murdock and Fisk is probably my favourite scene of the series yet. Seeing Matt’s confidence utterly undone by the sudden fury of the Kingpin as he reveals this extent of his control, slamming Matt’s surprised face into the table while the guard looks the other way was utterly fantastic. Clearly, it was a bad move trying to go through Vanessa to get to Fisk. Continue reading Dare Devil, S2 E10 Review

Dare Devil, S2 E8 Review

So the last episode, the trail of Yakuza and cryptic criminal organisation activities lead Elektra and Daredevil a path of destructive breadcrumbs to a hole in the dirt. Not just any ol’ type hole. And excavation, which turns out to be about four stories deep. But not soon after the duo find the hole does the mysterious Hand, ninja elite, move with a deft silence that throws Daredevil a bit off his game (as he uses his super-senses of hearing to locate and fight enemies. The ninjas seem to be able to mask their vital signs from Daredevil’s radar, which surely makes for a more interesting set of adverse variables for the Man Without Fear, which leaves Elektra to deal with most of the dispatching. Continue reading Dare Devil, S2 E8 Review

Dare Devil, S2 E7 Review

It seems like Matt’s night-time activities with Elektra have caught up with him sooner than anticipated. In an hour that should have been one of the stronger outings this season, some clichés and flawed logic pull it down to the lowest rating I have given an episode of the series to date. This was also the final episode I watched in advance of the series being released on March 18th, so the cliff-hanger ending resonated a bit more with me than it would if you were binge watching all thirteen hours. This episode relies heavily on the trial of Frank Castle and how Matt’s alter ego not only affects this momentous case for his law firm but also his relationships with Karen and Foggy. This also marks a connective point between the first and second seasons beyond the passing references to Wilson Fisk. Continue reading Dare Devil, S2 E7 Review

Daily Daredevil, S2 E6 Review

Fights! Alcohol! A depressing hospital room! It’s Daily Daredevil part six!

I am going to start off talking about Elektra, since she was a big part of this episode. I find her a little annoying, but I think maybe we are supposed to. Don’t get me wrong, she’s badass (the moment where Matt is called Magoo by Elektra is maybe the best line this show has ever had), and Elodie Yung is really fun to watch. I just feel like shes an obstacle for Matt, and I foresee her ruining his relationship with Karen, or trying to corrupt him in some way. It works story wise, she is an intriguing character, and I want to see what happens with her. I just love Matt Murdock and don’t want her to mess up his life even more. Continue reading Daily Daredevil, S2 E6 Review

Dare Devil, S2 E5 Review

Romance! Sex! More Romance! It’s Daily Daredevil part five!

Not a lot happens in this one. We get a few interesting things that push the plot forward, like Karen visiting the paper from season one, and their possible fight against the DA continuing, but that’s pretty much it. This episode is all about Matt and Elektra, and some of it works well, and some of it does not. Continue reading Dare Devil, S2 E5 Review