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Star Wars: Rogue One | 2016

Disney have started to take over the world one franchise at a time – first Marvel and now Star Wars. To their greedy credit, they have been making excellent additions to their respected franchises and now Star Wars can boast the addition of a eight film. But does the first stand alone film in the sage live up to the hype or does it turn to the dark side?  ……Join Film and TV Nerd to find out!
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Captain America | Civil War (2016)

Although Thor, the Hulk and other recurring characters have gone missing this time (with somewhat vague explanations for their absence), nobody’s going to mistake “Civil War” for a chamber piece. Trailers sold this installment as a tale of intra-Avengers warfare, set off by the government’s demand that Captain America allow the arrest of his old friend The Winter Soldier, aka Bucky Barnes, an assassin whose moral compass has been scrambled by brainwashing, so that he can be punished for his presumed role in a terrorist attack. And it is that. But only some of the time. Continue reading Captain America | Civil War (2016)

Kingsmen – The Secret Service (2014) Review

Co-written by Vaughn and Jane Goldman, Kingsman draws its inspiration from a Mark Millar/Dave Gibbons graphic novel, but unapologetically borrows traits from a wealth of genre classics. Of course, the 007 catalogue provides structure to the main Kingsman story, right down to the presence of an over-the-top Bond-esque villain named Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson), a megalomaniac with a devious – and silly – plan to damage our planet. Continue reading Kingsmen – The Secret Service (2014) Review