The Walking Dead | S7 E6

Negan is now well established and is a force to be reckoned with, but as fans tune out of the Walking Dead, will this week give a reason to  tune in?  ….. Join Film and TV Nerd to find out! 

The Walking Dead Swear – It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Tara, so an episode dedicated to her was probably overdue. The episode begins with Tara knocked out, on a beach amidst the sound of lapping waves and the bustle of two people scavenging for supplies. A little girl finds Tara and wants to impale her like she has with other washed up walkers, but an older girl stops her when she realizes that Tara isn’t dead. The little girl doesn’t care but the older girl tells her its not the right thing to do and instead leaves behind bottles of water and some food.

The Walking Dead Swear

A flashback is played to reveal where Tara was before the beach. We see that she has been with Heath ever since they fled battling the Saviors at the satellite station. It’s been two weeks that they have been separated from Rick and the group and Heath is starting to believe they are gone for good and shouldn’t wait for them anymore while Tara is adamant that are better off reuniting.

Back at the beach, Tara awakens to find the water next to her and quickly tries to catch her bearings. She sees the two girls walking back into a nearby forest and decides to follow them. She ends up in a coastal village that seems to be full of women. Tara hides in the shadows moving from bungalow to bungalow observing more about this strange community. Suddenly, the women retreat into shelter and reappear with guns. Tara isn’t sure what they see but when a bullet flies past her, she realizes she’s been spotted.  Tara runs away while being chased by a girl with a rifle. She ducks behind a corner and takes the girl chasing her down while taking away her rifle. She aims the gun at her head but decides not to execute her. When she turns around, the little girl from earlier, who is named Rachel, is now pointing a gun at her. The older girl that was with her earlier, Cindy, gets in between them and saves her again.

The Walking Dead Swear

Another flashback is shown with Heath and Tara walking over a bridge. They look through abandoned cars for supplies and notice that the bridge is blocked by a mountain of sand dumped from two trucks. In the sand is a bag and when Tara pulls it out the sand falls from huge pile and reveals that walkers were buried under it. Heath and Tara are separated in the chaos and it appears Heath might have left her when two walkers close in on her.

Back at the coastal village, Tara is invited to dinner by the leader of the camp, Natania, Cindy, and the girl with the rifle that she took down, Beatrice. Natania asks Tara about her background and learns about her battle with the Saviors and that she is looking for her friend. Natania reveals more about the camp, which they call Oceanside, and tells her that the reason there aren’t any men around is because there was a great battle in which all of their men were mercilessly executed after losing. The women took off and made their way to the where they are currently and have managed to survive by doing their best and killing approaching strangers. Tara asks to be released but Natania isn’t comfortable with Tara knowing their location, so instead she decides to let her look for Heath, who will then be welcomed to live with them at the camp. Cindy wants to be Tara’s escort, but is told she isn’t allowed to so Beatrice and another women named Cathy are chosen instead.

The Walking Dead Swear

As Tara is on her way back to the bridge, we see that the escort is a trap when Beatrice tries to shoot her. Tara runs away from them but is cornered by Beatrice who aims her rifle at her ready to finish her off. Tara pleads for her life and engages her with talk of how their two communities can work together to take on the Saviors. Beatrice reveals that it was the Saviors who executed their men and wants nothing to do with Tara t out of a fear of retribution, just like Gregory showed last week at the Hilltop. Out of the bushes comes Cindy who knocks Beatrice down and saves Tara once again. The two of them run off to the bridge and notice that it’s crawling with walkers.

Cindy tells Tara to forge ahead while she shoots the walkers from a distance. Flashbacks are played again and show that Heath didn’t actually abandon Tara. He tried shooting the walkers that ganged-up on Tara and in the scramble she fell over the bridge and was taken away by the current of the water below. Tara makes it across the bridge and sees Cindy being taken by Beatrice and Cathy. She spends the next hours walking through abandoned streets and desolate fields until she makes it back it Alexandria.

Back at Alexandria she is greeted by Eugene and by the looks of Tara’s face, we see that she is told of Denise’s fate. Rosita tries to comfort her and presses her for information of a new camp but Tara refuses to tell her anything about Oceanside, and keeps a promise she made to Cindy about not telling anyone about them.

What did you think of this episode?

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