The Walking Dead | S7 E4

Negan is now well established and is a force to be reckoned with, but as fans tune out of the Walking Dead, will this week give a reason to  tune in?  ….. Join Film and TV Nerd to find out!

The Walking Dead Service – It’s been two weeks since we’ve seen Rick after his “re-education” at the hands of Negan, but in the Walking Dead universe it appears as though its only a few days later in Alexandria. Michone wakes up early to visit an outpost to stand guard with a sniper-rifle and after she leaves waiting at the village gate is Negan himself. Some Alexandrians don’t know who this menacing figure is who has shown up with a bus full of armed bandits, but when Rick lets him in and mumbles “You gave us a week. You’re here early,” it becomes clear to everyone in the town that Negan was expected.

The Walking Dead Service

Review and recap The Walking Dead Service

Negan makes a show of further emasculating Rick and orders him to hold “Lucile” as his soldiers plunder Alexandria for its guns and mattresses. Tagging along side Negan is Daryl who appears to have gone mute and for once actually shows terror in his eyes. Dwight orders Rosita to go on a search for Daryl’s bike outside of Alexandria while Negan scrutinizes Olivia for not accounting for all of the town’s weapons. Negan demands that the missing guns from her inventory be handed to him immediately or else she will be next to die. Rick, knowing full-well that Negan is serious, orders everyone in town to search for the missing weapons: two handguns.

Rosita find’s Daryl’s bike outside of town but decides to go on a bit of an excursion looking to kill walkers. After dismembering a handful of them in the woods, we see that the reason why she has done so is to check the bodies for weapons and is successful in finding a handgun. Back at Alexandria, Rick frantically searches the house for weapons and is approached by Fr. Gabriel. Earlier on when Negan asked for the whereabouts of Maggie, Fr. Gabriel quickly came up with a lie about her being dead and brought Negan to a fake grave dedicated to Maggie. Fr. Gabriel seems to have re-discovered his faith but we aren’t sure it is with God, because he tells Rick his faith is with the group and believes that they will get through this challenging time. Rick appreciates the words of encouragement but he realizes that not everyone in town understands how grave the situation is they are in.

The Walking Dead Service

After Rick finds the two missing guns in a hidden crevice of Spencer’s home, he rounds everyone up for a town meeting. He tells everyone that he is no longer in control and that Negan is the one they all need to work for now. Michone doesn’t seem to be getting the message though so after he hands off the guns to Negan he tells him to give him a few minutes before he leaves and decides to have a heart to heart with her. When Rick is alone with Michone he reveals to her that he doesn’t want to see anyone else die and asks her to give him her sniper-rifle despite the fact that Negan has no idea she is in possession of it. He also reveals to her the story of Shane and Lori by telling her that he know’s Judith is not his true daughter, but he still cares for her and everyone else he’s come to think of as family since the time he awoke from his coma.

Rick returns to Negan to give him the sniper-rifle, and appears to satisfies him for now. Before leaving Rick makes a plea for Daryl to stay with them and Negan gives it some thought by asking Daryl what it is he wants to do, but he remains mute. Negan then orders his soldiers to pack everything up and leave, but he tells Rick the next time they show up they will still be expected to provide something else to them. Michone is shown walking back to her outpost from earlier, this time without a gun, and is alerted by something in the woods. When she sees what it is, she discovers that its a pile of mattresses burned to ground that were taken from them earlier. Evidently Negan wasn’t in need of the mattresses, and his only intention of taking them was to further drive his point of being in charge.

The Walking Dead Service

In the final moments of the episode, the camera follows Rosita who has kept her gun from earlier hidden from everyone else. She knocks on Eugene’s door and shows him a bullet. “I need you to make me more” she tells him and shows that she rather be in open rebellion to Rick’s mandate than be at the mercy of living under the shadow of Negan’s rule.

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