The Walking Dead | S7 E3

Negan is now well established and is a force to be reckoned with, but as fans tune out of the Walking Dead, will this week give a reason to  tune in?  ….. Join Film and TV Nerd to find out! The Walking Dead The Cell – Daryl is the focus of this week’s episode and it begins with revealing the whereabouts of him after he was taken away in the van following Glenn and Abraham’s brutal beatings. We see that he has been left in a dark cell, tortured, fed dog food, and worst of all, enduring listening to an annoying bumble-gum pop song on constant repeat. Dwight has taken special interest in both monitoring and tormenting him but Daryl remains unbroken.

The Walking Dead The Cell

Review and recap The Walking Dead The Cell

When Daryl is finally taken out of his cell, he is brought to a medical ward. At the doctor’s office is Sherry who was with Dwight last season when they stole Daryl’s supplies. Sherry tells Daryl just to do what he is told and that he’ll be okay but Dwight angrily scolds her for communication with him. There seems to be some history between Sherry and Dwight that we’ll learn about as the episode goes on but compared to the Kingdom in last week’s episode, everyone in the Sanctuary seems on edge even though they have tons of supplies are secured by a pit of immobile walkers on pike’s outside. The people in the Sanctuary follow their orders with militaristic discipline but there is a palpable cloud of fear hovering over everyone, even those that seem to have higher ranks.

The Walking Dead The Cell

Later on Negan and Dwight pass each other in a hallway and have an impromptu meeting. They discuss Daryl’s progress and Dwight promises he’s close to breaking him. After that Dwight volunteers to go after an escapee that has fled from the sanctuary even though Negan tells him he can send someone else to do it. Dwight seems to be obsessed with impressing Negan so he passes on his guard duties to someone else while he goes off to find the escapee. This time when Daryl is fed by the replacement guard the door is left ajar and he manages to get out and flee.

Dwight is shown on the road with Daryl’s old bike and searching for the escapee. He finally finds him and discovers that it’s an old friend. Dwight turns his gun on him and orders him to come back but the friend refuses to because there is nothing left for him at the Sanctuary. Dwight ignores him and continues to order him to return but the friend says he rather die and pleas with Dwight to shoot him. Dwight is hesitant to shoot him and reminds him that they have it good with Negan but the friend scolds him for being naive and tells him to think about what happened with his wife. Dwight gets upset and shouts back that she isn’t his wife and the old friend reminds him that she used to be. At that point the friend walks away from Dwight and is then shot in the back after a moment of reflection.

The Walking Dead The Cell

Back at the Sanctuary, Daryl is on the run and bumps into Sherry in a hallway. She tells him to go back since he is sure to be caught and will be punished. Daryl doesn’t take her advice and heads out an exit door and in the direction of some bikes. Once there a group of Saviors, including Negan catch him. Negan has taken a liking to Daryl though and decides not to kill him. Dwight throws Daryl back into his cell and seems lost at trying to break him. At that moment Dwight tosses in a picture of Glenn’s smashed head in his cell and waits outside to see what happens. When Daryl looks at the picture he finally breaks down crying and it seems like he has finally broken.

Dwight takes Daryl back to Negan to see if he has finally accepted his fate. Negan decides to give Daryl some backstory on Dwight and reveals that there was a time when Dwight tried to escape the sanctuary after learning his wife, Sherry, had a sister that would have been forced to marry Negan in order to receive supplies. Instead of taking Negan on his offer, he fled but ended up returning after the sister died on the run. When Dwight got back, Negan decided the only way to forgive them was to marry his wife and burn his face with an iron. Negan believes Daryl could be just like Dwight and ask him to join them one last time but despite all the torture, Daryl still refuses to.

In the final scene Daryl is back in his cell tells Dwight that he understands why Dwight stole the supplies from him earlier on because he knows it was for someone else, and for that same reason, he can’t give in drawing a clear distinction between his strong spirit and the broken one of Dwight’s.

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