Ashley J Williams is back! and wasting no time getting into all kinds of deadite trouble in perhaps what was is the most gore filled episode yet! But as season two gets really going what does Ruby have in store? ……Join Film and TV Nerd to find out!

“Ashy Slashy” wastes no time in revealing that Ash is not really a delusional patient in an active mental asylum, just a delusional old man being manipulated by a demon in an abandoned asylum. That demon is also manipulating Linda and Sheriff Thomas by holding their daughter hostage, but when they do their part in tricking Ash, Baal refuses to follow through on his agreement to let Lacey go.

Pablo, Kelly, and Ruby have tracked down Ash to the Asylum using the pet tracker. Pablo’s transformation into the Book is complete at this point, and Ruby has told him that he alone has the power to destroy Baal, but even if everything goes right, there’s a good chance that he’ll die in the process.

Ash vs Evil Dead Ashy Slashy

Kelly and Pablo quickly run into Lacey who’s become a deadite, and the fight doesn’t go well for them, but it goes even worse for Sheriff Thomas who loses his head when he finds Lacey, and I don’t mean he gets angry.

The team splits up to cover more ground, and Kelly runs into Lacey again, this time getting the upper hand and killing her. From there, Kelly makes her way to Ash’s room and finds the puppet, which she also kills after a creepy but hilarious fight sequence.

Pablo and Ruby team up to hunt for Baal, when they realize that Ash is roaming the halls of the asylum to find Pablo (the Book) and destroy him.

Ash eventually corners Pablo in the operating room with the rest of the Ghostbeater team, and Baal follows right behind him.

It’s at this point that Ash turns on Baal and reveals that this was his plan all along, and for the dumbest character on television right now, it’s actually a pretty good plan. He used the pet tracker to draw Pablo and team to the Asylum, and then played possessed to lure Baal into the same room with the Necronomicon.

Pablo uses his newfound powers to recite a spell that overpowers Baal. They get him onto the operating table and Pablo continues to chant while the dark symbols on Pablo’s skin flow into Baal’s eyes as he screams and eventually explodes, but not before slashing right through Pablo’s torso.

With Baal dead, everyone starts congratulating Pablo on a job well done, but his top half slides away, and he collapses in two pieces on the floor.

We should have all seen this coming. They’ve been dropping hints all season about Pablo’s death, but it still hits hard. We’ve seen dozens of people die in previous episodes, some of them great characters, but Pablo has been here since episode 1.

Ash vs Evil Dead Ashy Slashy

It’s a big (painful) move if they actually keep him dead, but with 2 episodes to go, I’m choosing to believe that he still has a chance.

There was a lot more action this week along with some great effects. Kelly’s scenes were hit-or-miss with the humor, because she was riding solo for most of the episode, but overall the episode had some great jokes.

With Baal, Pablo, Lacey, and the Sheriff all dead, it’s hard to say where the final two episodes will take us, but my money is on Ash demanding that they jump into the portal to Hell in his trunk to rescue Pablo. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but at this point, what else do we have?

With no episode next week, the only thing more painful than Pablo’s death is knowing we have to wait two weeks to find out what happens next!

What did you think of this episode?

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