Ashey slashey is back! and wasting no time getting into all kinds of deadite trouble in perhaps what was is the most gore filled episode yet! But as season two gets really going what does Ruby have in store? ……Join Film and TV Nerd to find out!

Ash wakes up laying in a bed in a mental institution. Baal is his doctor and tells him that he’s been in the asylum for thirty years. Ever since he had his psychotic break and murdered his friends in the cabin.

Ash recognizes Baal and tries to strangle him but Dr. Baal injects him with something, and when Ash next wakes up, he’s strapped to his bed. A nurse comes in, who Ash quickly recognizes as Ruby. He tries to get her to help, but she does’t seem to recognize him.

After she leaves, Dr. Baal gives him a puppet which starts to speak on its own and tell him that he killed his friends and he has to accept it.

Ash vs Evil Dead Delusion

After Dr. Baal leaves, Ash escapes his room and ends up in another room where Kelly has clawed hashmarks into the walls. She doesn’t recognize Ash either.

Pablo comes in dressed as an orderly and beats Ash to the ground.

Later on, Ash comes to consciousness in front of a tv in a common room with other mental patients, Kelly among them.

He goes to Kelly and they decide to stage a distraction so they can escape together. They smash up the room, but Pablo and the orderlies come in and subdue Ash again.

Ash wakes up in his room with Pablo’s key card, so he gets out and goes to find Kelly so they can escape together. As Ash is trying to get through the final gate, he sets off an alarm and Pablo shows up only to be quickly murdered by Kelly. But when Ash looks again, it’s someone else on the floor in Pablo’s place.

Ash is shocked and asks Kelly what she did, but she attacks him, and when more orderlies come around the corner, Ash is holding Kelly’s jawbone, and she’s dead on the ground.

They subdue him again, and Dr. Baal forces Ash to watch the video of him killing his friends in the hallway.

Ash vs Evil Dead Delusion

He tells Ash that he’s going to be transferred to a different asylum, but that he has one more visitor.

Linda comes in to see him, and Ash finally tells her that he thinks he’s losing his mind.

When Dr. Baal comes back, Ash says that he murdered them. He admits that he’s lost his mind and can’t control himself.

Dr. Baal tells Ash that he has to destroy the Necronomicon and Ash agrees.

Baal lets him out of the straight jacket and as Ash walks away, one of Ash’s drawings speaks up with Pablo’s voice and implores, “Jefe…”

We obviously know Ash isn’t really crazy and it’s all part of Baal’s manipulation, but that doesn’t mean they won’t leave the ending somewhat ambiguous next week in regard to Ash’s sanity.

This episode was another great one in a long line of great episodes this season, and with only 3 left to go, we’re fast approaching the finale.

With such a fantastic season so far, who knows what we can expect from the grand finale? Let’s just hope it doesn’t have another anticlimactic conclusion like last season. And let’s hope all our heroes make it out alive.

What did you think of this episode?

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