TWD: S7 | Negan is a Beast!


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If you’re reading this then I think it’s safe to say that you have seen or at least heard about what happened last night. If you haven’t please stop reading now because this path is so very dark that even sunlight would have a tough time lighting it up. But we must carry on, right?

Here we go.


I had already known who the victims were going to be for months now and even tried to prepare some of you without spoiling it but the way this went down was just beyond brutal. Before I continue, these actors deserve an award for what they did in this episode! The writers are already twisted, we get that, but the way these actors laid it out was art at it’s finest.

sasha-and-abraham-had-a-code-amcSo, we left off last season with out favorites, on their knees, in a semi circle about to discover the fate for one of them. At least it was supposed to be one of them. We get through the “Enie, meanie” stuff a bunch of talking and speeches and then “Moe” is chosen. Although it takes some time to figure out who it was (ticking off many in the audience) we finally discover who is was. Abraham, knowing and accepting his fate, is straight backed and throws out a sign to Sasha (did you catch it?) takes the first hit and tells Negan to “suck his balls”. This was beyond awful! The hits kept coming long after he could have possibly been alive. His head wasn’t even distinguishable! OK, got through that one, barely.


Next was the taunting Negan was doing to Rosita after he realized who Abraham was to her. Just as it seemed that she was going to do as Negan demanded, Darryl with his emotional ass lands a hit on Negan right before the goons grab him and take him down. Dammit Darryl!!! Man you already know this is not going to end well for someone. Negan now has to demonstrate that he’s a man of his word. And he has to “shut that shit down”




‘I’ll find you, I’ll be with you, I’ll watch over you. I’ll be there.’ Those would be the words that Glenn could barely mumble to Maggie after Lucille came down upon his head. Maybe because I’m so attached to this character that I felt sick and offended at the brutality of the attack. The sound effects were monstrous!


Then there was the Rick and Negan’s pissing contest using Carl as the piss! And it did seem as though Rick would follow through with Negan’s demand to chop off Carl’s arm. Thankfully, the “look” Negan was seeking appeared on Rick’s face by the time Negan reached 3, sparing Carl. maxresdefault-2

What really got to me was after the Saviors left and Maggie let it all out. Her anger, rage and overwhelming grief. And although she wanted to take care of her husband alone, the rest of the group gently reminded her that Glenn was their family, too. I died right there!



I just want to remember them like this!

Next week will certainly be an adjustment, but you know we must push through it.




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Thank you for reading.


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