Ashley J Williams is back! and wasting no time getting into all kinds of deadite trouble in perhaps what was is the most gore filled episode yet! But as season two gets really going what does Ruby have in store? ……Join Film and TV Nerd to find out!

Ash vs Evil Dead Confinement – We open on the town bar where Ash threw his party and saved all the kids in town by decapitating a possessed girl. Only they didn’t know she was possessed. So when Ash stepped out of the bathroom covered in blood and wielding a severed head, everyone assumed the worst, that Ashy Slashy was back to kill them all.

Ash vs Evil Dead Confinement

Review and recap Ash vs Evil Dead Confinement

Deputy Marge comes through to investigate the bar and panics when she finds the headless corpse of the girl Ash slew. She starts to call for backup, but is halted by the demon, Baal, who Ash released last week. She is instantly seduced and starts to kiss him before he cuts off her skin and takes it for himself.

Ash is on his way back from slaying the Delta when the Sheriff stops him in the street and arrests him. Ash is taken to the jail where he meets up with Chet (who got picked up for drunk driving.

Lacey shows up with her mother to tell Sheriff Thomas what happened to her, but he doesn’t believe her. Pablo, Kelly, and Ruby arrive to find Ash.

Ash vs Evil Dead Confinement

Baal, posing as Deputy Marge, releases Ash from his cell and they all meet up in the main area.

Ruby explains that Baal takes on the appearance of others and paranoia begins to grow between them.

Pablo shows Kelly and Ash a strange bubbling rash on his abdomen, but Ash tries to brush it off as nothing.

Ruby goes back for the mystical dagger and finds a deputy hiding in the corner who we soon learn is Baal in disguise. Baal easily overpowers her and takes the dagger, leaving the group defenceless against him.

As tensions reach a breaking point, a skinless demon falls from the ceiling and attacks Ash. Together, Ruby and Ash eventually overpower the demon, but their triumph is short-lived. Pablo screams out in agony and Ruby rushes to his side. Strange black symbols are forming themselves on Pablo’s body and he says that Baal must be controlling him.

Ruby tells him that he is not being controlled by Baal, but rather, he’s their only chance of stopping him.

There were a lot of answers this episode. We got to see Baal in action, seducing and skinning his victims, and we learned more about his relationship with Ruby. Speaking of relationships, we may have gotten a glimpse at Ash’s new love interest when Linda left her husband for nearly killing her.

Ash vs Evil Dead Confinement

We’re also finally getting a glimpse of where Pablo’s storyline is heading. First, the book singled him out, then he got the visions, now he’s somehow going to be a key factor in stopping Baal. Considering he’s been getting a lot of visions of his own death this season, let’s hope he doesn’t have to sacrifice himself to save the world (but I have a very bad feeling about this.)

What did you think of this episode?

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