If you’ve seen the movie Frequency, this story wasn’t all that new to you. The movie was very similar to what plays out in the show, but is different enough to make it original at the same time … But will this series live up to the outstanding film? ….. Join Film and TV Nerd to find out!

Nobody thought catching the Nightingale Killer would be that easy, did they?

Raimy got her hopes up in this episode, as she and Frank worked together to capture a very messed up man. Unfortunately for Raimy, there are a lot of screwed up fellows in the New York City area, and Thomas Goff wasn’t the one she wanted.

As Frank and Satch were tracking Goff and inspecting his shed, Raimy was watching the brief about Maya Gowen as if it was an Ebay auction and she was waiting for the price to increase so she’d know just when to place her bid. But this was so much better. When Frank found Maya, the status updated to Found and Rescued.

I wish Raimy had let her coworker continue refreshing that page so we could have witnessed it from his perspective. Would he have even taken note, or would the moment have just changed for him, causing him to wonder why Raimy ever thought Maya was still missing in the first place?

Because I’m also wondering why Raimy and Frank haven’t widened the scope of their investigation into who the Nightingale killer might be. Here’s how my detective brain works. Let me know if any of you would work the same way.

Originally, the killer was barely a blip on history’s radar. Why? There was an event in 1996 that led him to stop raping and killing. It’s THAT they should be looking for, even if it didn’t necessarily take the guy down this time around.

Was he swept up in a different investigation? Was there a big fire, something to do with the hospital that would have knocked him out of the game? Something changed when Frank didn’t die. Who was Julie involved with after Frank was dead?

If he’s outside her house staring in, maybe this all circles around her, and when Frank died, he stopped killing because he was no longer frustrated at not having her.

Raimy is having a very difficult time processing the new timeline and how the remains of her mother being found has impacted those around her.

Even after the realization she was going after the wrong guy for the Nightingale Killer, she still couldn’t put together the possibility her mom may never come back. Sure, she’s working with Frank to stop Julie’s death, but they’re on a limited time frame.

There WILL be a time when the window of opportunity passes and her mom is gone. It’s even possible their ham connection will disappear. What they have now is special.

She should have taken Satch’s advice and gone to the memorial. For one thing, it’s doubtful she ever truly knew the person Julie was as a young woman and getting the chance to hear how others saw her and felt about her is truly unique. And if she does lose her, she doesn’t get a do over. Nobody will understand.

The pub scenes were a little bit confusing. When she went there by herself and recalled meeting Daniel and their first night together, it seemed as if the bartender knew her. But when she went back with Gordo, the place was unknown to him.

When Daniel wandered in and thought she was stalking him, it was apparent (at least to me) Raimy started frequenting it as a result of dating Daniel, which would make sense. That’s why he hadn’t seen her there and why Gordo didn’t know about it. She hadn’t yet met Daniel in this timeline.

Except it doesn’t account for the bartender knowing her.

I wonder if there will be anybody either Raimy or Frank can eventually trust to bring in on their secret life. It’s a life-altering event they’re living through, and for nobody to be clued in feels off.

Share your thoughts on who might be the Nightingale Killer or at least where the father/daughter duo should look next. If Raimy doesn’t soon have someone with whom to share her secret, will she be alright in the long run?

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