The Walking Dead | S7 E1

The Walking dead left a lot of people feeling frustrated with the show and for several months people tried using various techniques to determine who meet lucille’s fate. But would it be worth the long wait?  ….. Join Film and TV Nerd to find out!

The Walking Dead has certainly been a dark and violent show — the Governor beheading Hershel, cannibals, walkers ripping people apart, etc. — but the season premiere seemed to go to the extreme.

It wasn’t enough to just kill Abraham, but Negan had to go and smash Glenn’s head in, stick Rick into a herd of walkers, and then play a horrible game of “Cut off your son’s arm or everybody dies.”

It’s funny though, up until Negan decided to hit Glenn, I was more annoyed with the episode than anything. After the disappointment that was The Walking Dead, S6 E16 , it seemed like a ridiculous choice to drag out the reveal of who actually was killed during the premiere.

So when it came time for Negan to choose Abraham, I was more like “finally, now we know,” and that perhaps took away some of the impact of his death.

But Negan also decided to kill Glenn (imagine the guilt Daryl must be feeling after that outburst), and it felt like a harder hit.

And maybe that’s because it wasn’t the “planned” death that was in choosing Abraham or maybe it’s because we’ve know Glenn since season one.

Or it could be because the show pulled a fake-out death with Glenn already only to bring him back so he get then get killed off not that long after.

Why do that? Because Glenn was killed by Negan in the comics? Because one death for the premiere wasn’t enough?

As much as it was a shock, it was also disappointing.

Plus, seeing Glenn with an eye partially popped out and trying to say something to Maggie was gruesome to watch.

Sometimes, you just don’t need to see every exploded piece of brain matter for the moment to be effective.

And yet, that wasn’t it for the hour, as the tension was tightened even further when Negan forced Rick to choose between cutting off Carl’s arm or getting everyone killed. Thankfully, neither option happened, as it was more of just a test for Rick to show him who has the power.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has definitely made his mark as Negan, and there is a real scariness to a guy that seems so happy and chipper while he’s doing such dark things to others.

The rest of the cast was standout as well, delivering heartbreaking performances throughout. And how difficult was it to see that future that will never happen?

While it was clear the focus was on Negan’s position of power, I don’t think the entire episode had to be about illustrating Negan’s bullying and brutality. It was just sort of numbing by the end, and maybe that was the point? That helpless and hopeless feeling Negan wants Rick and company to feel?
After a few months off our screens and watching Z-nation for the first ttime in between, i had forgotten how dark and sometimes depressing the walking dead can be.

I’m still curious as to where this seaon is headed, and hopefully it’s not just a rehash of what we’ve seen with other villains, but the premiere definitely left me emotionally-drained by the end.

What did you think of this episode?

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