Ashley J Williams is back! and wasting no time getting into all kinds of deadite trouble in perhaps what was is the most gore filled episode yet! But as season two gets going what does Ruby have in store? ……Join Film and TV Nerd to find out!

Last week, there was a question of how Ash vs Evil Dead was going to top the monumental moment of Ash having his head shoved up the rectum of a dead corpse. Logically, there was no way to go for a gross-out that tops that concept, which meant the only move was to dive deeper into the series’ emotion. Thankfully, that’s exactly what happened.

Most importantly, this episode is a reminder of how well Ash is able to sell drama to the audience as much as laughs, gore and camp. The death of Brock comes out of the leftest of left fields, in addition to the way in which he dies – getting run over by the very thing Ash is shown to love the most in this world. The moment of Ash running to his dead father is heart-wrenching and confusing, like the death of any major character would feel. It’s the kind of emotional moment fans of any TV show live fore. When Lee Majors was cast, many assumed Brock Williams was going to have a substantial role in the series, and he did, but not in the way anyone expected.

Speaking of bucking expectation, there is much to say about the haunting of the delta. It is, arguably, one of the most ingenious turns of the Evil Dead franchise. We’ve seen the people Ash loves turn into deadites, but we’ve never seen a thing he loves get turned into one. We have seen objects become haunted, most famously in Evil Dead II, but it was never to this level. The haunting of the delta is a perfect representation of what will hopefully be Ash’s last straw. The thing he loves most just killed the father he finally has a genuine moment with for the first time in thirty years. It’s a perfect way to bring Ash into the fight on an emotional level that could motivate him to do more than just want to make it back to Jacksonville in time for happy hour.

 This week, Ash vs Evil Dead reminded me why its a series worth watching. When it needs to, the show can be more than just a campy gore fest. It can move the audience and bring them to tears. If that isn’t the mark of a great series, then what is?

What did you think of this episode?

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