Frequency | S1 E1

If you’ve seen the movie Frequency, this story wasn’t all that new to you. The movie was very similar to what played out in the pilot but different enough to make it original at the same time … But will this series live up to the outstanding film? ….. Join Film and TV Nerd to find out!

The movie was easily wrapped up in two hours, but there were differences, the most pressing being that the father wasn’t a cop, but a fireman.

That may seem like a small change, but I think it allows for a lot more exploration of Frank’s story in the timeline before the alteration, if they want to go that way.

If you’ve ever lost someone, you know you’d give pretty much anything talk to them one more time. You might even believe it if you heard their voice through an old ham radio. You’d be skeptical, sure, but you’d probably weigh your options.

Raimy’s a good detective, so it didn’t take her long to realize someone must be messing with her. Frank from Queens with an eight-year-old daughter? Yeah, right.

Who can blame either of them for being skeptical? But thankfully, it’s not dragged out and the two are soon enjoying each other’s company.

What other choice did they have than to work together to save his life?

Sadly, in their excitement, they didn’t ask the right questions of the right sources (a quick Google search by Raimy would have been better than Frank asking Stan if he believed in the Twilight Zone stuff), because they missed anything pertaining to the butterfly effect.

What you do in the past will have an impact on the present. Raimy has the benefit of remembering both time periods,but her life is drastically different from one moment to the next.

What was a bit odd was how she immediately knew her father wasn’t murdered, but she didn’t also feel she had lived for 20 years without her mother. You’d think that would have hit her just as squarely.

Somehow the memories other than her father’s were coming in waves. Daniel, so close to asking her to marry, didn’t even know her because he never met her mother.

But that clue and the “messed up” answering machine weren’t enough to set off the flood of new memories for Raimy. She had to step into a roomful of people, certain the murder she was working was close to being solved, only to discover the remains belonged to one more victim of the Nightingale Killer: Julie Sullivan.

The question becomes: were all of those women who were murdered at the hands of the Nightingale Killer worth saving her dad? Was the loss of her mother worth it?

Raimy and Frank are detectives, and together they will work to solve the decades old mystery. The killer is still out there, but with as corrupt as the police force was when Frank was working in the ’90s, there are bound to be clues the two of them can uncover given the inside information Raimy has as a result.

I’m a fan of the film and this one hit all the right notes for a viewer like me. I think Peyton List and Riley Smith do a great job as father and daughter over the airwaves. It’s not easy to convince us they’re family when they aren’t in the same room.

The characters are both very likable and their similar mindset helps cement their relationship. Burning messages into the ham radio, calling out baseball stats and burying gifts in the yard ensured they’d believe each other.

Young Raimy believing the unknown friend of her father on the ham radio so that she even delivered the radio to daddy in the hospital was pretty cool. Who can resist the idea they might be able to talk to themselves in the past?

This is a great addition to Netflix , Its just a shame its being added on a weekly basis so  I cant shun the outside world and binge watch this all in one go!

What did you think of this episode?

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