Ash VS Evil Dead | S2 E2

Ashley J Williams is back! and wasting no time getting into all kinds of deadite trouble in perhaps what was is the most gore filled episode yet! But as season two gets going what does Ruby have in store? ……Join Film and TV Nerd to find out!

They head back to Ash’s childhood home where Ash has another argument with his father. Ash convinces him to let him stay there, but it’s clear that neither wants anything to do with the other.

Ruby implores them to move faster. They have to retrieve the Necronomicon before her demonic children get a hold of it and use it against them.

Ash vs Evil Dead The Morgue

The only problem? She hid the book in a dead body on its way to the morgue.

Pablo pulls the group aside to tell them to go on without him while he intimidates information out of her.

As Ash and Kelly are about to leave, Ash notices a high school flame on his way up to his door. He reminisces briefly before Ash’s dad answers the door and embraces her. Ash drives off more furious than before.

Ash and Kelly break into the morgue to look for the book and they split up. Ash cuts open several bodies in his search until he gets to one that has already been cut open and has the book sticking halfway out. Ash curses himself for not look checking all the bodies first.

Back at Ash’s house, Pablo briefly tries to get answers out of Ruby about his premonitions before she overpowers him and knocks him to the floor.

Kelly has a run-in with the Sheriff, but after trying to stall him, she knocks him unconscious instead.

Really the only complaint I have about this show is Kelly. Her character has great potential, but either her acting, or her lines, or chemistry with other characters makes it a little bit unbelievable. She seems too upbeat in the face of danger. Even Pablo gets frightened and traumatized by their life of constant terror, but Kelly seems almost like a character who knows she’s in a show, so she knows she’s invincible – But that may have something to do with her recent position.

When Ash tries to pull the book out of the corpse, its intestines come to life and attack him like a giant snake.

In a scene that is as disgusting as it is hilarious, the intestines of the corpse (complete with a prince albert piercing –  hello sailor) come alive and attack ash pulling him  .. erm … into the corpse, via the bum hole (yep  …. that’s a sentence I didn’t think I would type today).

Ash now wearing the man slams and smashes his way around before finally defeating the creature and taking back the book.

On the way, there’s a brief altercation with some teenagers that Ash almost hits with his car. They exchange a few insults and Ash drives away.

We find Pablo hanging from the ceiling in Ash’s room with Ruby before she lethally cuts his throat. There’s a pounding on the door and Pablo wakes up on the floor, realizing it was a premonition.

Ash’s dad’s date busts in the door to the bedroom and SURPRISE! she’s a deadite.

Ash charges in but Ruby decapitates her. Ruby demands to know where the book is, and Ash assures her it’s safe in the trunk of his car.

And on that note, we hear an engine starting up. The teenagers that Ash nearly ran over with his car have returned to take it (and his book) for a joy-ride.

And we’re forced to wait until next week to see if they can retrieve the book and what fresh evil will be unleashed in the mean time.

Thankfully they learned from their lesson last season of having a cliff hanger, which was immediately followed up by  “next time on Ash vs evil dead” ruining any sense of tension – instead the credits roll and we are left to wonder what will happen next!

What did you think of this episode?

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