Ice Age: Collision Course | 2016

Ice Age has seen a lot over the past four films: Humans, Floods, Dinosaurs, Pirates and even Jack Black. So this time round they just threw twenty darts on a spinning wheel of various ideas and chose five that stuck. But would this mix of aliens, ancient civilisations, dinosaurs (again), impending doom and the fountain of youth be a hit or should this franchise go extinct? ….. Join Film and TV Nerd to find out!

As per normal, we get Scrat the squirrel, and his fixation on grabbing an elusive acorn to kick the film off. In turn, though, he ignites the plot of the movie this time. The setup here sees a giant meteor heading to earth, as a consequence of Scrat’s desperate acorn hunt. Cut to the surface, and the usual cast are back, led by Manny – voiced by Ray Romano – and Sid (John Leguizamo). As well as the incoming extinction event, they’re also dealing with a plot ripped from any television drama in the world, as a protective father doesn’t want his daughter, Peaches (Keke Palmer) to leave home.

They throw in a return appearance for Simon Pegg’s one-eyed weasel Buck (who missed the last film), and spend as much time as they can get away with in the midst of action sequences and generally wasting too much time in their final hours.

Fewer jokes hit this time around, though, and even at 94 minutes, Ice Age: Collision Course does begin to outstay its welcome. And yet: it’s fun. Often really good fun. I found myself laughing quite a few times, enjoying its knowing nods to other movies without it having to make a big thing of its references . Plus, I think these characters, as obvious as they are, are still good value. My only gripe is that there is now too many  of them, collecting like unwanted clutter over the franchise.

Towering above them all, though, remains Scrat. I admire Blue Sky Studios – the company behind the Ice Age movies – for never overplaying their hand with arguably their best creation. There’s no spin-off movie here (although you can bet it’s been talked about), and instead, every time an Ice Age film starts to flag, it’s a case of call the squirrel to get us back on board.

It’s a good tactic, as the ensuing sketches here remind me of the old loony tunes back in the day ( Oh dear, I’m so old  … so very, very old). I dearly hope the creature never finds his acorns, as catching up with him every three years to see him fail to grab another one is good fun.

Mind you, I do think this Ice Age is a step down from the last one. I’d probably place it third out of the five, but it’s still reliably entertaining, if only showing real glimpses of brilliance in those brief, squirrel-infested sequences.

So out of a possible five stars, Ice Age: Collision Course earns:


I’m all up for Ice Age 6 in a few years’ time, though.

What did you think of this film?

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