Stranger Things | S1 E7

Is Eleven about to get captured on Stranger Things We knew that at some point the people from the Hawkins Laboratory were going to find her and in the last episode we saw them closing in, but she’s not alone. Dustin and Mike are with her, so we are of course worried that they will just snatch up all the kids. Luckily Lucas has been spying on the lab and might be able to help. But with the end in sight what is in store for the residents of Hawkins? …..join Film and TV Nerd  to find out!

Lucas is able to warn Mike, Dustin and Eleven that the bad men are coming and they are able to escape, but not without some casualties to the Hawkins men. When Lucas meets up with them, he apologizes to Eleven and finally everyone is on the same team now that the boys have a better understanding of the danger they are in. Even though the kids have managed to get away, Mike’s parents are in some trouble as the Hawkins lab people ransack their house for clues as to where Eleven could be.

Jonathan is still detained at the police station, not only for hitting Steve and the police officer, but also because of the monster hunting supplies they find in his car (which is really a bunch of weapons). When Hopper and Joyce get to the station, Jonathan shares everything he knows about the monster. Not only that, but when the bully Eleven saved Mike from comes to the station ranting about Eleven, the boys and her super powers, Hopper sees another lead.

Now that Hopper, Joyce, Jonathan and Nancy are teamed up, they are on the hunt for the kids, but will they get to them before Hawkins Lab does? Luckily everything works out and Hopper’s crew find the kids and bring them to Joyce’s house. After exchanging information they decide to build a sensory deprivation tank (out of a kids pool) for Eleven to submerge herself in so she can use her powers to reach Will and Barbara on the other side. When she goes to the other side, she sees that Barbara is dead. Will on the other hand is still alive, hiding in his fort, but he’s in rough shape.

Joyce and Hopper head to Hawkins lab to break in and find that gateway to the other side, but they aren’t the only ones on the hunt. Jonathan and Nancy decide to leave the kids to go and execute their original plan to draw the monster out and kill it. Unfortunately for Hopper and Joyce, they didn’t get anywhere near the lab this time before being caught. None of this may matter anyhow, because it all ended with the monster finding Will in his fort in the upside down, so it may be too late before anyone gets to him.

Fun episode that had a lot of close calls before the big finale!  It was also nice to see that Steve isn’t a complete prick and that he really cares about Nancy which creates a triangle where you could easily root for either Steve or Jonathan to be with Nancy.

I cant wait to see the last episode and yet don’t want this to end! Thankfully season 2 looks to be on its way already!

What did you think of this episode?

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