Pokémon | Catch’em All

Pokémon Go is a thing, perhaps you have heard of it? Being unable to download it myself (thanks a lot windows phone!) and listening to my co-workers talk about this new craze all day long I have decided to mix reviews with Pokémon ….. Because why not!

How does this work I hear you yell ….. well calm down and I will tell you!

Currently here at Film and TV Nerd there are 213 reviews, Now in just 11 of those reviews are Pokéballs hidden somewhere.

But why 11 I hear you yell once again! ….. Well calm down and I will tell you, get a hold of yourself!

10 of the hidden Pokéballs are the standard red and white ones you all know and love:


And out there somewhere, in one review post only is the Golden Pokéball.



But why should we bother trying to find these I hear you yell! ….. Calm down last warning!

Well the red/white balls are worth 1 point each, where as the golden ball is worth 5 points

First reader to get to 10 points wins!

And what do you win? well you win the chance to make me go out of my tiny little mind by choosing the worst three films you can possible think of for me to review ….. Even Green Lantern, (Shudders) do your worst!

So if you’re up to the task then all you have to do is let me know which reviews you found all the Pokéballs in (hint some are as recent as this weeks reviews and others go back up to 3 months ago)

You can let me know on here by commenting, on the facebook page or on twitter (links provided below)

So can you catch them all?

Feedback is always welcome here on wordpress  click here for the facebook page and finally follow me on Twitter @CongertonLee for the latest reviews






2 thoughts on “Pokémon | Catch’em All”

  1. Zootopia – red
    200 reviews – red
    Ghost busters – red
    Independence day – red
    Kingsman – red
    Warcraft – red
    The huntsman – red
    Iron giant – gold
    Xmen 2 – red
    Better call saul s2 e10 – red
    Comic con – red

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