Now you see me 2 | 2016

The Four Horsemen come back into the light to take on their biggest challenge yet. But are they able to succeed the brilliantly over-complicated Now You See Me or would their second act disappoint, Join Film an TV Nerd to find out.

2013’s Now You See Me was entertaining nonsense, and the sequel is pretty much the same deal.

So the short version of this review is that if you liked the first film then this one will probably work just as well for you. On the other hand it’s unlikely to convert and newcomers – but maybe that’s not a problem given the box office return the first time around.

There’s a lot of razzle and dazzle in the film, courtesy of new director Jon M. Chu (Step Up 3D, GI Joe 2), which makes perfect sense for a story about magicians who steal things during spectacular stunts.

The set pieces are enjoyable enough, with some over the top card skills a particular highlight. Some vehicular action is a little dull but otherwise this is a handsome production which amps up the silliness to keep things moving at a brisk pace.

Script wise it’s not bad, but pretty much this is oceans eleven with added magic tricks. Whilst trying to have continuity in the form of agent Rhodes childhood and even an odd appearance by an “Evil Twin” Brother, this continues the story on 18 months after the events of the first film whilst adding a bit of a back story at the same time.

In terms of new additions, Lizzy Caplan definitely makes an impression but her motor mouthing mostly annoyed me. She like a yapping puppy who doesn’t know when to stop, seeking all the attention even though she doesn’t really add that much besides some diversity to the group. Then there’s Daniel Radcliffe who is mostly entertaining as villain but looks oddly ill throughout the film.

Jesse Eisenberg , Mark Ruffalo , Woody Harrelson , Dave Franco , Michael Caine  and Morgan Freeman  all return to reprise their respected roles and do a decent job of it.

Of course there are various twists through out, but this time around your not really left with that sense of wonder of how did they pull it all off. Saying that this is still a fun film that continues the tale of the modern day robin hoods as they become part of the fabled “eye”.

The action takes place mainly away from the sates where the horsemen are all wanted by the FBI, as we visit the far east and the landmarks of London. The sets are over-elaborate and well polished as well they should be for this style of film, its just a shame that fight scenes fall victim the shaky cam is shaky curse making it even harder to see the tricks taking place.

But overall few fun tricks, some famous faces and a fittingly over the top finale make Now You See Me 2 a very familiar two hours at the cinema. It’s a little long and a bit basic but entertaining enough while it lasts

So out of a possible five stars Now you see me 2 earns:


A good second act, just not on par with the first.

What did you think of this film?

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