Dare Devil, S2, E11 Review

Hospital fights! Ninjas! Boat explosions! It’s Daily Daredevil part 11!

Well after two great reviews by Sarah, I’m back to run this into the ground! I’m Kidding of course (well, mostly kidding). Here we go!

So this episode starts off with a ninja attack. A ninja attack! This show is the best. Now the greedy fanboy in me really wanted this to be a little bigger. I was sort of expecting/wanting Daredevil to have to fight like thirty ninjas on the roof, but what we got is pretty solid (Claire kills a guy!). The action looks great as always. I enjoy that they keep finding ways to make it interesting. I think a big part of that is how it’s parsed out. This show isn’t just full on action all the time, most episodes only have a scene or two of it, and that makes it so we don’t get bored of it.

Lot’s of cool plot stuff happens in this one. Claire quits the hospital, Karen tells Matt she doesn’t want him to protect her, Frank tells Karen that she’s actually in love with Matt, Elektra confronts Stick, we get to see Madame Gao again, and we maybe (?) get a step closer to figuring out who the Blacksmith is. I honestly have no idea where this season is going to end, and that’s really exciting for me. I feel like the second half of these episodes have all been really good, and the overall story has gotten to a really good place. This is how I felt watching season one. It may have taken longer to get there, but it’s still a great feeling.

The one thing that really stood out to me in this episode, was Matt’s willingness to go along with The Punisher’s methods. He says he’s willing to kill, just this once, because he doesn’t seem tot be able to get to the Blacksmith. At first I thought this came out of nowhere, but after thinking about it for awhile, I think this makes sense. The DA was shot and killed right in front of him, Foggy was injured in the process, and then Karen was almost killed. The Punisher was also created by the Blacksmith, and he’s the cause Nelson and Murdock trying to help Grotto, and Frank, which sort of destroyed their law firm. Basically, almost every bad thing that has happened this season has been the fault of this Blacksmith, and no one has a clue who he is.

It was really hard for Matt to even say that he would go along with killing people, let alone actually doing it, but in that moment he felt like it was the only thing he could do to get close to stopping this person. Seconds after telling Daredevil that his way doesn’t work,The Punisher immediately tells him not to do what he does. Killing is not just a one time thing, if he does it this once he will do it again. I think Frank knows that Daredevil couldn’t handle that, and he is probably right. This is one of the most interesting things to happen this season, and its all comes together within a minute or two. It’s really great writing.

What did you think of this episode?

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