Dare Devil, S2 E10 Review

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the Kingpin to be back so soon after last episode, but I’m glad he is because the face-to-face confrontation of Murdock and Fisk is probably my favourite scene of the series yet. Seeing Matt’s confidence utterly undone by the sudden fury of the Kingpin as he reveals this extent of his control, slamming Matt’s surprised face into the table while the guard looks the other way was utterly fantastic. Clearly, it was a bad move trying to go through Vanessa to get to Fisk.

Claire’s reappearance is always welcome, and I’m enjoying the way her own arc is moving through the various Marvel shows. Even though she’s risked and lost a lot on doing the right thing in the past, she just can’t stop herself doing it again, even though it leaves her hospital literally under attack from ninjas as the episode ends. Her interactions with Matt are a great reprise of last series where she had a bigger part to play, and her entreaties to him remind us how far he’s gone as a vigilante – and not necessarily in the right direction.


I did enjoy Matt’s decision to finally embrace life as a vigilante, too. No friends, no law – it’s everything this series has been building to in playing the two sides of his life off against one another. He still doesn’t want to kill, but that’s not a legal code, that’s a moral one. Driven by guilt, he won’t even let his friends help him for fear that they’ll get injured.

And hey, not unreasonably, because Foggy does take a bullet in the arm when someone – obviously not Frank Castle, but someone – guns down the DA right as she’s spilling her guts over what happened to Frank’s family. There was a good attempt at the last minute to bring Reyes into focus as a character after she spent the bulk of the series as a hardass with no redeeming qualities, but it could’ve come slightly earlier. Personally I think it would’ve been better if this scene was a little more ambiguous as to whether it was Frank doing the shooting or not, because I didn’t feel like he’d have actually crossed that line even after all we’ve seen. Someone’s clearly framing him.

At least the episode got to the point fast, showing Frank helping Karen as she comes under attack too – but even that scene would’ve worked better if we thought Frank was any genuine threat to her.

Between ninjas and now zombie teens, Daredevil’s currently laying on the mysticism thick and fast, and I still can’t get enough of it. Knowing that Iron Fist and its unavoidable mystical elements are coming makes me excited that they might be laying groundwork here, and if/when they actually get to Defenders it feels like this sort of stuff will be what marries the tone of all the shows together.

Comics-wise, Elektra gets her iconic sais here from a member of the Chaste sent to kill her – although since Bullseye isn’t in the series, she’s probably safe from being impaled on them. A more overt reference is the Kingpin looking to find out everything about Matt Murdock after receiving a suspiciously hard punch to the face from him. This points quite heavily to the idea that a third season of the show might visit Frank Miller’s Fall From Grace storyline, which saw the Kingpin dismantle Matt’s personal life after finding out that he was Daredevil. It’s possibly a little early for a season 3 tease, so maybe it’ll come back later in this one, but either way it’s an exciting prospect.

What did you think of this episode?

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