Dare Devil, S2 E9 Review

The main takeaway from the last episode was Frank Castle’s meeting with Wilson Fisk in prison. “Seven Minutes in Heaven” spends most of its time with those two men.

To handle that challenge, he bribes a guard into bringing Castle to him. Fisk informs him that the man in question was intimately knowledgeable of the particulars of the gunfight that saw Castle’s family killed. At first Castle doesn’t want to be a pawn in Fisk’s plans, but ultimately the temptation to continue his reign of terror is too sweet.

Fisk’s manipulations in the prison have afforded Castle seven minutes in his target’s cell block. Upon finding the man and eviscerating his lieutenant, he gets the full story. Apparently the man was present at the carousel. The three gangs were brought together for a massive exchange of heroin. A man called only “The Blacksmith” had orchestrated the whole thing, though everything went sour when it became obvious that the meetup was an FBI sting operation. The Blacksmith never showed, tensions mounted and the firefight erupted. The information isn’t enough to spare Castle’s target though, and he is stabbed in the gut.

As Castle is attempting to leave the cell block, Fisk appears along with a number of guards. He’s been double crossed, locked in the block and left to die once the prisoner’s cell doors are opened.

Defying expectations, Castle manages to make his way through the collection of prisoners who have just found their leader dead. He seemingly kills all of them, and is awarded for his troubles with another meeting with Fisk.

It seems as if the set up was a test of sorts for Fisk, who now appears in complete control after his rival was left incapacitated and without a crew. Castle is understandably bitter and tries to attack Fisk (despite being chained up), but the big man is no easy mark. He beats Castle calm and reveals his plan.

Castle is to be released from the prison with a mandate to do whatever needs to be done to find and kill the Blacksmith. Again, it seems as if Fisk is playing to Castle’s motives for his own designs.

A visit from Foggy shortly thereafter seems to confirm our worst fears: The botched Castle case has all but ruined Nelson & Murdock. The two men agree to take a break from each other professionally and socially.

Karen isn’t having it though. She continues to pursue her line of inquiry into Castle’s family’s murder and ends up returning to the Bulletin for additional help. They dig into the medical examiner’s story and find that the John Doe he planned to lie about on the stand was actually an undercover cop, a detail that apparently corroborates the story Castle heard from his victim in the cell block.

The gruesome isn’t quite done yet in this episode. Daredevil tracks down Roxxon’s accountant and interrogates him for details about The Hand. Apparently the man’s son is being held captive by them in some basement, and that’s the only reason he’s agreed to help the organization with whatever it’s doing.

After tracking down some leads, Daredevil finds the accountant’s son along with several other young adults and children. They are each hooked up to some machine that appears to be extracting their blood. Just as Daredevil goes to work freeing them, another old friend returns. It’s Nobu, the ninja master who apparently didn’t actually die in the first season.

A brutal fight ensues, but Nobu is able to escape with whatever the children were hooked up to. Daredevil is left wondering how Stick’s claims of The Hand’s discovery of immortality could be true.

What did you think of this episode?

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