Outcast | S1 E4

The mysteries of Rome continue to unravel on Outcast as we discover more and more people are hiding secrets in this small town. Join Film and TV Nerd to see the latest goings on!

If there’s anyone in town who knows things, it’s Reverend Anderson. He’s holding the most secrets and he’s keeping them on a shelf in the form of trinkets, tokens of appreciation he’s received for his services.

How many of those trinkets are from exorcized townsfolk, you think? How many stories does that shelf really hold? (Similar to the collection in The Conjuring )

It’s ironic that it was the Little Fisherman figurine that Mildred gave him that caused him the most distress. The way his fingers shook when he picked it up, and the awful flashback he had, no wonder he’s so ragged and weary.

What’s worse is that all the energy he spent to rid the old woman of that demon didn’t work at all. For all this time, she’s just been playing games with him. And he’s certain that she’s free because she’s at church every Sunday.

It’s pretty scary to think that the person sitting next to you at church could be a pretending-to-love-God demon, if you’re a church-going person. And, if you’re not, then perhaps you’ll find the idea of that quite amusing and not at all surprising.

Kyle already knew the truth about Mildred. And even though the Reverend was in denial when Kyle told him what happened initially, you could see the doubt creep onto the Reverend’s face. He knew Kyle wouldn’t and couldn’t make something like that up.

So the teacher has become the student, at least this time.He didn’t even want to turn the water on. Now, he’s visiting bars and taking the initiative to help the Reverend save the town.

Of course, his ultimate goal is reuniting with his wife and daughter. But, Kyle has some serious anger issues going on. At first, I thought it was what was needed to cast out demons. Now, I just think it’s how he deals with things. Sort of like how Megan dealt with her confrontation with Donnie in the woods with the hammer.

It doesn’t seem like too much of a leap to believe that Kyle has got it in him to become better. He seems to do the right thing. Even Mark was impressed that Kyle slept on Megan’s floor to do what he could to protect her from Donnie.

If there’s one thing that Kyle has shown it is that he doesn’t give up very easily. Considering his horrible childhood, that really says a lot about his character.I think he would have fought Donnie from now until the end of time just to get him out of town and away from Megan.

It certainly didn’t seem to bother him much that he was basically getting his arse kicked. He would do that for anyone he cared about, that much is clear.

It’s disturbing that Mark just didn’t let Donnie go. It seemed he was leaving town like Megan demanded, so she had it under control. Mark just screwed up his life by beating the guy silly. Is Donnie even still alive?

Is it really a surprise that Kit and her hubby are probably demons? The minute the woman said she like raw meat was a dead giveaway. The dog going crazy just confirmed it.

I’m guessing there are some Satanic rituals happening near that trailer. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. But, seriously, that look between Giles and guy when he handed over the watch. They both knew the other one knew. I’m just surprised the guy was oblivious to Giles’ presence in the woods.

So, what happens next? Will Kyle and Reverend Anderson make it to wherever Kyle’s wife and daughter are? It’s surprising that the Reverend would agree to go there knowing it could cause problems.

What did you think of this episode?

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