Independence Day: Resurgence | 2016

Independence Day: Resurgence  is twenty years in the making, following suite with the likes of Jurassic World twenty years after the original, but would this be worth the long wait? join Film and TV Nerd to find out!

The plot is pretty simple for anyone who has seen the first instalment, basically they comeback to finish what they started. We open on the alien home world as they obsessively watch the presidents infamous speech about not going quietly into the night (they must have picked up a copy on blue ray as I don’t remember that moment being in front of a camera at the time).

In the twenty years that has passed since the invasion of 1996 they have been plotting their return, but we have also been preparing for that very moment.

Earth has combined alien and human technology, creating a unified world, free of war, standing united and also obsessively getting ready for the return of the alien menace. The moon has been weaponised, there are defence systems on Mars and  also orbiting the earth.

Unfortunately this leads to a lot of itchy trigger fingers as the first ship that appears is shot down before they realise its true intent. In the wreckage of the downed ship is the key to defeating their deadly foe once and for all.

As people all across the world begin to share the same visions including crazy old Mr president of the impending danger. It appears we were too late as the next thing you know they have retuned to destroy our landmarks all over again.

“The ship is over 3000 miles in diameter”

“My god how did we not see this coming”

A very good question but sadly one that is never fully answered as the aliens destroy the moon base, killing all non plot essential characters before they even had a chance. The Aliens then proceed to park their ship (which we soon find out is called a harvester) on the earth ‘s surface and drill into the earth’s core.

The epic destruction just doesn’t feel as big as it should, as we see London, Hong Kong and of course MERICA! devastated, but this time they forgo obligatory destroying of the Whitehouse.

David Levinson, President Whitmore and Dr. Brakish Okun  all reunite at area 51 which is essentially now an alien concentration camp as we discover the key to earths survival is a sphere from the wreckage. This is a form of AI that was sent here to evacuate earth before we were wiped out (evacuate the earth a full five minutes before they arrived ….. ok then).

The Sphere is the last of its kind and would have looked to be more at home in the hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy rather than a “serious” sci-fi film. The plan it turns out was to evacuate the earth and place us on another world as refugees along side other species that had battled the alien menace for thousands of years. This is much to the delight of Dr Okun who nerds out with his bum out.

The action is fine as are the special effects, the original cast all put in a good showing, with the exception of Will Smith’s absence. But did we really need David’s Dad, Julius Levinson in this film, who must have been told by the director to “Jewish it up as much as possible” Oi Vey.

The final sequence felt slightly stolen from Aliens not from a story line point but from a design perspective as the queen is revealed for the first time. Its a little disappointing that for a race of highly intelligent beings that have mastered space travel, that the queen is portrayed as a snarling giant monster.

The film ends in similar fashion to the original, in the deserts of Area 51 with couples embracing and the aliens defeated ….. But wait there’s a hook for another sequel as we learn the sphere wants MERICA to head up the rebellion and take them down for good, where this franchise turns into a poor mans Star Wars .

At surface level, if you switch your brain off this is highly enjoyable even if it is the same as the first film just with bigger ships and aliens. I will admit it was nice to find out a bit more about our foe and see them attack in hand to hand combat. But like that scab on your elbow you just cant help but pick at it.

Why didn’t the aliens send the harvester ship in 1996, why didn’t we see them coming this time, why did a salvage boat in the pacific ocean have software that monitored how deep the aliens were drilling and why was I subjected to Hippy Data’s bare bum for that amount of time?

I’m always annoyed at the kill the queen, kill them all cop out, as this one re-writes history slightly saying there must have been a queen on the mother ship first time around (So it wasn’t the lack of Norton anti virus that did them in last time).

See this film if you liked the original and generous helpings of cheese, but don’t see this film if expect an intricate plot full of characters you can invest in. It just felt like they were never in any real danger as they spend the entire film smiling and declaring they will “kick some alien butt”.

So out of a possible five stars Independence Day: Resurgence earns:


It was always going to be hard to top the original, the build up, the suspense, that epic speech. But rather than try to top it, they simply copied it which is a shame as it could have been so much more.
What did you think of this film?
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