Film and TV Nerd | 200 Reviews

Today marks the 200th review by Film and TV Nerd, Since starting in September 2015.

Is it time to celebrate and look back proudly? or time to revaluate how much spare time I have!

You be the judge as we look at Film and TV Nerd by the numbers:

17,002 Individual site visits,

12,158 Hits from across America whilst only 1 Hit from Slovakia (pre Age of Ulton destruction obviously),

100,000+ Words written,

8164 Views on the most popular review,

3393 Being the most hits in a single day,

489 Followers combined on wordpress, Twitter and Facebook,

157 comment left,

64 Countries have viewed Film and TV Nerd,

57 Review likes,

12 DC Films reviewed as opposed to 10 Marvel films,

10 TV shows reviewed,

7 Authors books featured

3 Free published books (links on the main page)

2 Trips to comic con,


1 Pretty scary telling off from AMC for posting The Walking Dead spoiler’s,

So thanks to everyone who took the time out to read my ramblings, its much appreciated

Feedback is always welcome here on wordpress, click here for the facebook page and finally follow me on Twitter @CongertonLee for the latest reviews!


Thank you for reading!





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