Dare Devil, S2 E5 Review

Romance! Sex! More Romance! It’s Daily Daredevil part five!

Not a lot happens in this one. We get a few interesting things that push the plot forward, like Karen visiting the paper from season one, and their possible fight against the DA continuing, but that’s pretty much it. This episode is all about Matt and Elektra, and some of it works well, and some of it does not.

One part that really bothered me was basically all of the current day stuff. Matt shows up to see what Elektra wanted from him, and it turns out she didn’t need anything. By the end, we find out that Elektra has been manipulating Matt this whole episode, to get him to fight. While I liked the endgame, the lead up was not great. I felt like nothing happened.

On the positive side, the past stuff was pretty great. This show did a better job setting up their relationship (why these two characters liked each other so much and why they shouldn’t be together), in a single episode, than other shows do in multiple seasons. I also think the acting in this episode was great across the board (Charlie Cox is fantastic in the mansion scene).

I think this is easily the weakest episode so far. The romantic stuff between Matt and Elektra, and Matt and Karen, is pretty interesting (and the contrasts between the two relationships is also great), but it’s not strong enough to hold up an entire episode. I could have used more Foggy, more Daredevil hitting stuff, more Karen working with the paper, or just something that would push the story further. That being said, I am very excited to see more Elektra. Elodie Yung is really good, and Elektra is a pretty fascinating character.

What did you think of this episode?

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