Daily Daredevil, S2 E6 Review

Fights! Alcohol! A depressing hospital room! It’s Daily Daredevil part six!

I am going to start off talking about Elektra, since she was a big part of this episode. I find her a little annoying, but I think maybe we are supposed to. Don’t get me wrong, she’s badass (the moment where Matt is called Magoo by Elektra is maybe the best line this show has ever had), and Elodie Yung is really fun to watch. I just feel like shes an obstacle for Matt, and I foresee her ruining his relationship with Karen, or trying to corrupt him in some way. It works story wise, she is an intriguing character, and I want to see what happens with her. I just love Matt Murdock and don’t want her to mess up his life even more.

The other main characters got a lot of stuff to do this episode: Foggy is absolutely exasperated by what’s going on. The firm is doing bad financially, they are at war with the district attorney, they are defending a murderer, and Matt keeps bailing on him. This is definitely going to cause some problems in the future. Karen and Frank get most of the rest of the episode, and their stuff is great. We learn more about Frank’s family, and how normal he seemed to be before he lost them. Karen helps him to remember things he thought he was losing, and its really touching. This is all really effective, because I now very badly want to know what’s happening with the DA, and why they want to kill Frank Castle so bad.

“Regrets Only” is a real improvement over the last episode. It has a much better balance of character and plot stuff, and a few quick but cool action scenes. It also really pushes the story forward. Elektra is looking into a bad corporation with possible Yakuza ties, and The Punisher is going on trial. I think we finally have a real clear arc for the season now that the intros to the new characters are out of the way.

What did you think of this episode?

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