The Conjuring 2 | 2016

The Conjuring 2 is here to make your summer more scary than the thought of having to sit through Batman vs Superman again. But does the latest entry into the trilogy live up to the hype?

Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) spent their lives investigating paranormal events, but none could top a career-defining haunting in London’s Enfield borough.

It all starts when a single mother, Peggy Hodgson (Frances O’Connor), reports suspicious activities in her North London home. Peggy’s daughter, Janet (Madison Wolfe), starts to suffer from nightly terrors, which are later witnessed by her siblings. For some reason, a malicious presence has latched itself to Janet, communicating through the young girl. As the infestation progresses, Janet’s dangerous trance prompts a visit from the Warrens. With no time to waste, Ed and Lorraine begin fighting against Janet’s captor, working to free the young girl – but Janet may not be the target. Unfortunately, Ed and Lorraine might have been brought to Enfield for a reason…

The Warrens dealt with mostly unseen paranormal entities, yet Wan’s take on Enfield introduces a Slenderman-looking creature referred to as “The Crooked Man” Who is a manifestation of fears. “The Crooked Man”is in no way the film’s antagonist, just a familiar form to torment the Hodgson family. Which he does, EXTREMELY well.

These elements are exemplified during an encounter Lorraine Warren shares with a decomposing, fanged nun-demon, as we witness a minutes-long paranormal standoff without taking a single breath. Of course, horror is lost without convincing victims, which The Conjuring 2 does not lack.

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga return as the famous faith-fighting Warrens, bringing with them the same brave attitudes from The Conjuring. The battles and suppresses takes a heavy toll on Lorraine, but her charitable fire rages on nonetheless. Wilson’s persona is more brash and come-get-me in comparison, but together, the Warrens are a marital team deserving of screen time.

The Conjuring 2 runs at a 2hrs:13mins, which does admittedly run a little thing at times. It’s never dull nor uninviting, but momentum starts to taper off during a longer than necessary introduction, and again during an elongated midsection. Trimmed down, this might be a perfect horror film. As it stands, however, it’s still a tremendous, stone-cold chiller worth all the sleepless nights that’ll follow.

The only downside to this film is that it takes the most documented haunting in English history and Americanises it (not an easy task for  a film set in 1970’s England, cor’blimey guvnor aint that the truth!)

It was a bit of a shame one of our most famous super natural accounts was embellished with tales being controlled by demons from states. Honestly remove the evil Nun (please oh please remove the evil Nun, she’s the stuff of nightmares!) leave the ghost of William and this is still a solid film.

Another refreshing part to this film is that everyone sees paranormal, the mum, the kids, the police, TV reporters, the neighbours even your cousin who you don’t see very often probably has seen Williams antics! So none of that “its all in your head” nonsense from the parents this time around.

The film ends on a bit of an odd note which left me wondering where Ed and Lorraine’s daughter (who is dressed like chucky) was the whole time? we see her state-side then nothing, no mention of her in any way, we don’t even see her when they return home either? There must have been a cut scene there somewhere to explain this.

But overall this is a decent film filled with lots of jump scare moments and when was the last time you were honestly, viciously scared by a GOOD horror film? The Conjuring? Sinister? Insidious? Anguish? Add The Conjuring 2 to that list, and mark it with my ghastly seal of approval.

So out of a possible five stars The conjuring 2 earns:


What did you think of this film?

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