Outcast | S1 E2

You can read last weeks review from the series premier here if you missed anything! before diving into this weeks episode.

Weekly horror is difficult to pull off; the best scary movies depend on building up suspense to achieve sudden bouts of leaping from your seat and checking over your shoulder for the next few days.

Outcast tries to maintain a sense of tension from episode to episode but too many lags in the storytelling allow doubt to creep in. Wrenn Schmidt does great work as Kyle’s childhood friend whose family took him in, but her storyline and that of her cop husband, who discovers an extremely unsettling trailer in the woods keeps distracting us from the truly strange exorcisms in which Kyle and his new partner in demon-fighting, Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister), are engaged.

Mostly, Reverend Anderson tries the classic methods, and then Kyle loses his considerable temper and starts wailing on the possessed, which is very effective but terrible for his reputation in such a small town.

Of course, it turns out that his dark backstory involves much more than a possessed mother who locked him in a broom closet and beat him before lapsing into catatonia after he freed her from the demon. Kyle is perpetually surrounded by people with demons living inside them, and has retreated back to Rome, West Virginia, after exorcising his wife (Kate Lyn Sheil) the only way he knows how and earning a restraining order in the process.

Forced by law to stay away from his wife and daughter, Patrick is, at essence, just another white guy approaching middle age and having a crisis. His happens to be taking place in proximity to gruesomely murdered neighbors, demonic possessions and a comatose mother.

By the end of the fourth episode, “Outcast” is in danger of becoming the worst kind of tease: All build up, no payoff.

What did you think of this episode?

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