Comic Con | London Excel 2016

Nerd News! So the MCM Comic Con hit the London Excel arena for the first time this year and of course TV Nerd Comic Con review was there to over indulge in all things geek!

So here are the many highlights from this past weekends event!

  1.  The cosplayers:  If you haven’t experienced Comic Con in person, you are missing out as photos do not serve it justice.  Every aspect is thought down to the smallest detail as people do not just dress as their favorite characters, they become them!  We could have easily pulled up a chair and watched the endless parade of fantastic costumes go by all day as the truly dedicated fans proudly displayed their creations!WP_20160528_16_31_58_Pro

  2. The show case stalls: There was so much to see and do this time around with tons of interactive stalls, from creating your own trailer for the Warcraft film, a virtual reality Fear the walking dead experience, a Outcast green screen shoot and much, much more! …. We walked away with so many great videos and photos.

  3. The Panels: Now by my own admission we didn’t go to many panels, the main one I was excited to see was the cast of Fox’s new show Outcast in which we sat very close to them and got some great insights of what we can look forward to on June 7th! Plus there was an amazing free cake (created by @Debbie_wingham) so that sweetened the deal! The cast were all on top form with the exception  of the actress at the end of the panel who looked rather bored throughout ….. but who am I to judge!wp_ss_20160530_0008WP_20160528_14_18_26_Pro

    Other panels included Warwick Davis and the Agents of Shield, with people turning out in their masses to see Warwick! Got to love obligatory plug from each celeb though! That seemed to be the cue for a lot of people to leave ….. awkward

  4. The Meet and greets: There were so many people to meet this year, from Games of Thrones cast members, the main cast of Sleepy Hollow, Sean Kelly from Storage Hunters but none were more high on out list than none other than  Kryton (Robert Llewellyn) and Rimmer ( Chris Barrie) from Red Dwarf. Both of whom were friendly and accommodating with every fan they met, taking time to speak to everyone.IMG-20160529-WA0036

    Note: Apologies to Chris Barrie for coming across …. well like a blithering idiot, excitement and nerves are a funny thing I guess. (Robert Llewellyn was gracious enough to give me a copy of his novel News from Gardenia the first of a trilogy…. I look forward to reading it once I’ve recovered from gushing like a school girl over meeting you (your request for more fivers in Kryton character was hilarious by the way …. I’m done gushing now …. oh wait you just tweeted me, permission to gush some more sir!)

  5. The atmosphere: As much fun as it was meeting the special guests, the real highlight was talking to everyone in attendance for this event, we had some great conversations with you all, the most memorable being a young lady in front of us in a queue who was there on her own after her friend had bailed on her. It was a pleasure to meet you all, swapping stories and just generally getting to know you all. The atmosphere at these events is amazing, everyone is so friendly and accommodating …. well with the exception of a disgruntled ghost buster , you know who you are

    This was an amazing event and one that will not be forgotten anytime soon, thank you to everyone who took the time out to speak with us and we sincerely hope you all enjoyed yourselves …. see you in October Comic Con!!!

Below are photos kindly supplied by people who were also in attendance, if you were there and would like your photos featured please let me know here on wordpress  click here for the facebook page and finally follow on Twitter @CongertonLee


Thank you for reading!


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