The Wolverine (2013) Review

Hugh Jackman is back in his iconic role again, this time in his second stand-alone film set after the events of X-men the Last Stand. Haunted by what happened and hounded by visions of the woman he once loved, Wolverine has returned to living in the Canadian wilderness away from society.

But that all changes when he is approached by a pink haired woman by the name of Yukio and informs him that a wealthy man who he saved in World War II is now on his death bed and wishes to thank him before he passes away.

Hesitant Wolverine agrees to travel with the woman to Tokyo unware of the real intensions that wait for him upon his arrival.

This is very different to every X-men film produced before or even after, as we probe into Wolverine’s emotional baggage rather than explore and are provided by a thoughtful character study which is refreshing.

It’s easy to forget the person under the adamantium claw wielding shouty man but that’s what we get a good look into here which as to be a testament to director James Mangold and Hugh Jackman himself.

Wolverine also feels what it is like to be without his healing powers here adding a very human element to him, spending much of the film bleeding and in pain. The action sequences are very few and far between here and that’s not a bad thing as they tend to be the weakest moments within the film.

As this is set in Tokyo expect lots of ninja style fighting as American brute force takes on Japanese finesse, thrown in with an action sequence or two the more notable taking place on top of a bullet train.

As you may have already guessed not all as it seems with the wealthy man who in fact wants to steal Wolverines healing powers and take them for himself, how does he plan to do this you ask? Why by building a giant samurai robot made from adamantium of course. (Had he seen origins he would have learned all he needed was an adamantium bullet to the face).

Wolverine prevails and defeats the silver samurai but at the cost of losing his signature adamantium claws in a shocking moment as it looked like Wolverine has finally met his match!

Things wrap up nicely as Wolverine and his new side kick board a plane headed back home as the credits roll.

Anyone who stuck around for the post credits scene of the Wolverine (Well done to you for that) will have seen the set up for Days of Future Past as Magneto/Xavier and Wolverine reunite in a foreshadowing moment warning there are dark forces at work, being none other than Trask!

Overall this is a well done film that sets it apart from all others, in terms of quality and development this is up there with Bryan Singers first two instalments.

So out of a possible five stars the Wolverine earns:


What did you think of The Wolverine?

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