Better Call Saul, S2 E9 Review

“Nailed” is kicked off with someone who may well be a ninja, getting ready to trip a truck that has a kind looking Hispanic man driving, innocently vibing out to some tunes.

What he’s tripped with appears to be Mike’s garden hose with spikes in it, though!

The nice, innocent looking Hispanic man doesn’t look nice nor innocent anymore when he grabs his gun, but whoever this ninja is happens to be much too smart and quick for this man. Hm, wonder who that sounds like …Yep, it’s Mike, after he’s taken the mask off.

Ninja Mike starts inspecting the truck, cutting through tires looking for something. What he finds is wads of cash.

A powerful first two minutes and change as we roll into commercial break number one. But it’s like when a baseball player hits a home run in their first game and are technically on pace for a 162-home run season, this pace surely cannot be kept up.

On the return, Chuck is leaving the house. Last time he left, remember, he was sent in a helix into a borderline coma for however much time has lapsed since the last episode.

How can you like this person?

(Courtesy Better Call Saul Twitter account)

Jimmy’s plan is working beautifully in the court room as there’s been an argument between Chuck and Mesa Verde based on the “discrepancy in the filing.” That discrepancy was the forged mistake Jimmy made. Well in, Jimmy, well in.

How’s your victory lap going, Chuckles? He returns to his evil lair, throws on his tin blanket and checks his files. The ones that Jimmy tampered with. Battle of the McGill’s, Jimmy wins.

Oh no. Chuck is figuring out Jimmy did it. Maybe we were too quick to raise Jimmy’s hand in victory, this fight clearly has a few more rounds in it.

No, we don’t feel bad for Chuck. What kind of question is that? C’mon, this ain’t JV.

We leave a simmering Chuck to check in on Mike, who must have taken money out of that truck tire because he’s sitting alone at a bar and buys the whole place their next round. So he went from creepy old dude drinking liquor straight at the corner of the bar alone to the absolute man in a matter of three seconds. Great timing.

After Kim and Jimmy’s romantic evening of staying up all night and moving dentist chairs out of their new office and repainting some walls, Kim gets the phone call that Mesa Verde is back on board. Only the third separate time they’ve changed their minds, but who’s counting anyway?

Jimmy hands in an incredible feat of acting surprised, then Kim’s hotline keeps blinging and she gets another call: Chuck is ready to hand over the files. So Jimmy joins Kim to Chuck’s.

Chuck changed the locks. Jimmy knows Chuck knows.

“He sabotaged me,” Chuck.

Uh oh. Jimmy takes a page out of Ronnie’s book from Jersey Shore: Deny, deny, deny.

Chuck absolutely nails Jimmy’s criminal activity. Like, literally step by step. It’s actually impressive …

… until Chuck drops the lousiest analogy ever: “You and Mozart, you both started young.” He was actually starting to win some hearts.

Kim hasn’t said a word as the McGill’s keep going at it. Chuckie still continues to nail literally every detail, eerily so. Kim, as a lawyer, asks for evidence. All Chuck can point to is knowing Jimmy for his whole life.

BUT KIM TAKES JIMMY’S SIDE! NICE! Then she absolutely gives it to Chuck.

They get back into Jimmy’s car, and Kim punches Jimmy in the arm a few times and with a steely gaze, says “Just. Drive.” Looks like she knew it too, but, doesn’t this make her a criminal now as well? She’s falling to Jimmy depths!

Nacho and Mike meet each other for the first time in a while. Nacho knows Mike was probably behind the hit on their drug driver because he knows Mike wouldn’t pull the trigger on the driver. Nacho, thankfully, isn’t mad at Mike. Only afraid the driver might be able to identify Mike. Mike assures Nacho that won’t happen and reveals that his motive for the robbery was to hope the cops would find out about the drugs to thwart Hector, but they didn’t. The cops never found it.

THIS HAS BEEN THE CULTIVATION OF MIKE’S HATRED FOR HECTOR. This, somehow, makes Breaking Bad even better. How do they do that? It’s insane.

Alright, maybe I was too quick to judge that this episode couldn’t stay at Usain Bolt-level pace, because it has. Mike dropped this line to Nacho before they left. Because he’s the man.

Kim doesn’t really get mad at Jimmy about his criminal activity, just asserts that he better not have left even a scintilla of evidence that Chuck could find. Savvy move, Kim. Welcome to the dark side. Jimmy scampered out of bed once Kim said that.

Jimmy returns to the print place, where Chuck sent a minion to see if he was there. Jimmy asks the clerk if he remembers him and pulls out money to make the guy keep his mouth shut. Power moves only.

The clerk takes Jimmy’s bribe happily, and agrees to erase the security footage of Jimmy’s trace before Chuck has a chance to get to the store and probe further.

Chuck pulls up as Jimmy looks on from across the road. It’s go time for the clerk. Let’s hope you don’t ruin it.

That clerk does extremely impressive in denying his knowledge of Jimmy but Chuck just won’t give it up. Then Chuck goes haywire, falls and bangs his head pretty bad on the tabletop.

 And this is how “Nailed” ends. I wonder if he’s okay! I’m actually finding myself feeling bad for Chuck, this is weird!

This, on initial reaction, was the best episode to date. It absolutely sped from start to finish.

what did you think of this episode?

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