10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) Review

Howard’s shelter is as cozy and comfortable as an apocalyptic abode can be—a last-resort resort, if you will. It’s got a jukebox, board games and a fully functioning kitchen. Water runs from the faucets. The lights work. The air filtration system hums quietly in the background. Howard knew the day would come when his shelter would be the envy of the masses. A place where people would die—or kill—to live in.

Now, he knows, that day is here. And while he can’t say exactly what brought on the end of the world—whether a military attack, an alien invasion or a natural catastrophe—there’s no question that it has come. The world outside these walls (his walls) is dead or dying.

“As of Friday, kindness and generosity are antiquated customs.”

That’s what he says.

But he couldn’t leave Michelle out on the road to die, could he? Of course not. When he saw her there, unconscious in her wrecked car, he had to pull her out and take her home—even with the Four Horsemen bearing down on him. And so he did.

It’s sad to him, then, that as he patiently explains to Michelle how he saved her life—how she owes him, literally, everything—she just sits on her mattress on the floor, staring at him as if he was the bad guy. Granted, her new bedroom is a little rough, what with its cinderblock walls and heavy metal door that locks from the outside. And, yes, she’s chained to the wall. But that’s only temporary, he tells her. For her own safety.

“What are you going to do with me?” Michelle asks.

“I’m going to keep you alive,” Howard tells her. He throws her the key to her shackles and walks out, shutting and locking the heavy door behind him.

And Michelle is left to wonder which poses the gravest danger: the world outside … or the world within.

Michelle and Howard have company in this doomsday shelter: Emmett, the young man who helped Howard build the thing. And over the days and weeks that follow, he and Michelle develop a strong friendship—one that eventually forces one of them to offer up the ultimate sacrifice.

While Emmett seems like a pretty all-around good guy from the get-go, Michelle grows during the course of her confinement. Before she showed up in Howard’s bunker, she tended to run away from problems; by the time 10 Cloverfield Lane wraps, she’s able to stand up—both literally and metaphorically—to the dangers that surround her.

This film has a total of 11 cast credits and some of those are just credited for voices (Bradly Cooper being one of them) John Goodman does do a great job in his role having you on the fence to whether you can trust him or not.

People may find the pace a bit slow though and the pay off a little rushed. Critics have been praising this film but honestly im on the fence. The cast and acting is outstanding but the plot feels as if its a cross between Panic room and Signs.

If you are a fan of tension built films that have a slow burn than by all means this is a must, but if you crave a quick paced film then this is not for you.

So out of a possible five stars, 10 Cloverfield Lane Earns:


What did you think of this film?

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