X-men: The Last Stand (2006) Review

Intended to the final chapter in the franchise to feature the original cast would the absence of director Bryan Singer hurt the film or send the trilogy off on a high note, Now in the directors seat is Brett Ratner who was faced with the pressure to do the previous two entries justice.

The answer sadly is no, Bryan Singer had left to direct Superman returns which was released the same year (How did that work out for you?) and in a petty attempt to get one over Singer. Fox had rushed the production to release the Last Stand before Superman was due for release, despite that it had already been in production for serval months.

The result is rushed, sloppy and simply does not keep in tone with the two previous films, is this Brett Ratner’s fault? Yes and no whilst Ratner’s hands were ultimately tied on certain aspects he did change the overall climax of the film citing that what was meant to be a mid-film battle scene would make for a better finale instead.

In a 2009 interview Singer admitted that he regretted declining to direct the third instalment confessing he realised his mistake before, during and after watching the Last Stand.

The plot revolves around a “cure” for mutants as the war between mankind and their counterparts looms ever closer. There are those apposed and those whom willingly want the cure. We have all the cast and crew back but due do scheduling conflicts Scott Summers is killed off, Mystique is stripped (Literally) of her powers and Xavier disintegrates, meaning that three of the centre characters only have a few minutes of screen time.

Instead we have to suffer with the human cactus, the clapper and discount quicksilver become magneto’s lackeys and on the other side the kids step up to the plate as Kitty, Iceman and Colossus suit up to avenge their fallen mentors.

It’s not all bad though, Kelsey Grammar fills the role of Beast very well as he, Wolverine and Storm lead the charge for against the brotherhood. Sadly I can’t say that Vinnie Jones filled his role as well playing Juggernaut. In the Cartoons juggernaut was simply massive and very imposing, whereas here he’s sort of big but wears a silly rock helmet for whatever reason (Think if the Flintstones met the X-men).

The final battle sequence is ok taking place at Alcatraz island, But as mentioned before this was intended to the final film, but somewhere along the way Fox changed their minds and wanted to make a forth film, meaning that now there had to be scenes changes to leave it opened ended for any future releases.

The end result see a Hotter Jean Grey dead, Magneto lose his powers, pretty much a mass murder spree and overall nonsense as the only survivors of any importance are Wolverine and Storm as they look at the graves of their fallen comrades (Seems unfair Xavier’s grave is double the size of Scott and Jeans …. Grave Envy).

The final scene sees old man magneto sitting at a park playing chess alone (Pretty sure he should be in prison because of all the murder?) as he tries to move a chess piece in a moment that is looks like it may move but then the credits kill any notion of that for cinema goers.

Anyone who wasn’t face palming by this point may have seen the post credits scene in which we see a man comatose in a room with a nurse attending him, the man awakes and the nurse simply says “Charles” (Dun Dun Dunn) even though this is never addressed again.

Well overall this is a mess of a film, taking the more is more approach to things, cramming it all in just because it was set to be the final film. Honestly it’s so different to the first two films that if it didn’t have the same cast it would barley be recognisable.

So out of a possible five stars X-men: The Last Stand earns its self:


Is this the worst X-men film not at all, its watchable to a certain point but its riddled with problems that sadly don’t do the previous films justice.

What did you think of X-men the last stand?

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