The Walking Dead, S6 E16 Review

The much anticipated season finale has been and gone, leaving fans divided on the conclusion to this mixed season, But would Negan live up to the hype or would this prove to be a let down?

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The last time there was a 90-minute episode, The Walking Dead Season six Episode four and really it wasn’t necessary.

It definitely wasn’t necessary for The Walking Dead Season six Episode sixteen.

This was unfortunately a bit of a letdown, especially considering it was The Walking Dead Season six finale.

Things certainly started out rather intense, and the excitement for what was coming was there. Everyone gearing up and characters on the move was a great way to kick things off. But honestly i could have done without the teenage drama from Carl and Enid, but thankfully that didn’t last too long.

But it slowly went downhill as the focus was on the RV driving around in what felt like circles. It just was average at best as the group made their way through the saviors maze until Negan’s entrance.

Sure, Negan’s crew seemed menacing and everywhere at once, but the whole leading the rat in the maze became far more boring than exciting.

Although the use of Steven Ogg (GTA’s Trevor Phillips) was great in his role as the unnamed savior.

Steven Ogg

Ultimately, the episode was just a tease involving who might get killed off.

Even Carol and Morgan’s side-story tried to amp up the anticipation for either of them getting killed. But it became pretty obvious it wouldn’t be them, even when Carol was getting shot by that one guy.

I rolled my eyes at the guy just shooting her, knowing Morgan would come in to save the day.

Sure, he broke his rule, and for Carol, so it was technically a big moment for him, but it just wasn’t as affecting as it should have been.

Granted, I’d love to see more Carol and Morgan interaction when the show returns. There’s definitely more to explore with them and their life outlooks now. But they just need to drop this cowardly act with Carol, i find it very odd they spent five seasons building her up just to brake her down in the space of half a season.

Moving back to the main plot and I just wish that more time had been spent on delivering a more engaging story for the finale rather than focusing on ramping up everyone’s fear/anticipation for losing a character or characters.

Considering the length of the finale, there should have been so much more going on rather than just an episode biding its time.

Sure, Negan’s entrance was fantastic, even if it was almost near the very end, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan delivered an electrifying performance as the character. I was finally pulled back into caring about what was going on.

He was so captivating as Negan and believably terrifying. Just watching him go back and forth with that bat in hand was tense. Even seeing the survivors looks of horror added to the moment.

This is the villain The Walking Dead has been waiting for since the loss of the Governor.

And then when he finally chose his victim to Kill, and I’m sure everyone’s heart stopped waiting to see who, there was no reveal.

That was a lot of buildup to be told to wait until next season. Why hype everything up only to have no real payoff? I fully understand the thought process behind a cliffhanger but they could have done this with the mid season finale as they did with the demise of the Governor.

Negan was by far the highlight of the episode, and I look forward to seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan command the screen when the show returns, but this was a frustrating conclusion. I’m leaving The Walking Dead Season six not on a high note of excitement but disappointed by such a waste of what could (and should) have been a killer finale.

What is interesting is that the leaked audio of the finale did indeed match work for word what took place on screen (Full Transcript here) which may have taken away the excitement for those who listened/read this before hand.

Overall this season has been a bumpy one, starting out very strong but over time lacked the substance that previous seasons had. Too many filler episodes and not enough character development, instead relying on shock value death scenes to keep the viewing engaged.

So out of a possible five stars Season Six of the Walking Dead earns:


What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy Negan’s entrance? Who did he kill?

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