TWD Season Six – Daryl Down! Daryl Down!


Welcome to the guest writer column at Film and TV Nerd, this week we welcome back writer  with her thoughts on this weeks episode of the Walking Dead!

There was so much blood that splashed up onto the camera lens that it’s hard to know what really happened or if that’s what they want you to believe. If you haven’t seen Season 6 Episode 15 “East” then please keep scrolling!

With that said,

Let’s go!

Emotions were high in this episode for everyone, even Gabriel, but probably no one more than the usually calm Daryl. Daryl is feeling as though he needs to avenge the death of Denise is cute and all, but his actions, or lack of actions, also caused certain events to transpire and it has finally caught up with him. Normally the calmer and more rational side of him would have better planned this out, but throw in the fact that Carol left also, well you have a destabilized Daryl prone to making some mistakes. Note to self: never get emotional during any crisis especially a zombie apocalypse!


Tobin finds the letter left by Carol yet somehow Daryl knows about it before Rick. Chasing after Carol is certainly NOT a good idea especially alone, but there Daryl goes. No one realizes that she left even though they had people on watches. One theory is that she had to have pushed that car far enough as to not be heard, although, you would hear something!

We get it; Carol is having a major identity crisis and is breaking down. She obviously knows she has to kill since she sewed that massive gun into her sleeve, so who is she trying to fool? The takedowns of the road fools were awesome and even gave me some hope that maybe Carol can pull herself back from the brink. BTW, did you notice just how much this group knew about Alexandria including that it’s less than 8 miles (12.75 klicks) from where they were? I’m not sure, but don’t you think that someone should have been able to hear all the gun shots?

The Rick and Michonne, Maggie and Glenn scenes almost seem like foreshadowing. We know something big is about to happen with the anticipated entrance of Negan in the next episode. Lucille will most likely get her appetite sustained by the blood of someone. Happy people usually don’t stay happy for long. Glenn had been spared way back in episode 7 by Enid but now he currently has been captured by Dwight and his crew along with Michonne. Coincidence? We shall see soon enough! Glenn and Michonne were exceptionally loud in the woods. No wonder they were caught.

Is Michonne getting a little too domesticated playing house with Rick? Hmmmmmm Did you catch the etching on the gun that Carl picked up? A barbed wire bat!!!!


Morgan came clean about the whole wolves’ run-ins and explained how all life is precious to Rick. I’m waiting to see how he can square that circle with the Dwight character and Negan. This group would have found Alexandria anyway, make no mistake about that. All of these groups including ours are doing the same thing; scouting. They just may all be scouting for different things.

This is now the third time that Daryl has underestimated Dwight and his group. I’m not sure about you but symbolism means a lot to the writers. Will the three strike rule apply to Daryl now? What about the BLOOD and Dwight saying that the person will live? Did Daryl get shot? Was that his blood? Or did we just partially witness Daryl’s speculated death? Oh, next week can’t get here fast enough!!!!


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