The Walking Dead, S6 E15 Review

The walking Dead has had an interesting season, at times having me gripped at the edge of my seat and at other times it had me at the brink of total boredom. The latest episode had an odd combination of both at times but prevailed to peak my interest to bring me back once more.

The Walking Dead is clearly looking to rile up fans before the finale. What else is a cliffhanger where Daryl gets shot and blood splatters on the camera going to do?

After what happened with Glenn and the dumpster, surviving basically the impossible, I want to say Daryl might get badly injured but still manage to escape by the end.

 And yet, I’ve got a weird nagging feeling…

After all, we’ve yet to meet the mysterious but much-talked-about Negan, and he might be the one to shake up the game entirely. And that’s not good for Rick and the survivors.

We all know that big things usually happen in season finales, and with the way episode  concluded, it definitely put various characters’ fates hanging in the balance. 15 Someone is probably going to die.

And really, the episode was all about setting things up for the finale, allowing characters to be put in precarious situations, and tightening that coil of anticipation for something bad to happen as the minutes wore on.

The fate of Carol is a curious one. Her arc over the seasons has been fantastic, and Melissa McBride has elevated the character in so many ways.

But it makes me wonder if her time might be up.

 Her conflict over killing is an an interesting take, especially because of Morgan’s viewpoint and just watching Carol tear up before gunning down the Saviors was heartbreaking. She’s been such a bad ass, she’s a force to be reckoned with, and yet, it’s clearly been eating away at her.

She’s become that weird middle ground between Morgan, who won’t kill, and Rick, who won’t hesitate to kill.

But she’s gone off in a different direction and is presumably injured and bleeding out. Who else groaned when they thought that was Carol as a walker that Rick and Morgan came upon?

I hope Carol manages to make a triumphant return, but things are not looking good.

And while I understood Daryl’s motivations for running off, I was really hoping that Glenn’s emotional speech to come home would sway him.

But what a sinking feeling it was when the whistles started in the woods. For an episode that aired on Easter, who else thought Jesus would show up to save the day?

But if I had to put money down on who would get it out of Carol, Daryl, Michonne, Glenn and Rosita, I’d have to pick Rosita. She’s unfortunately on the low end of the totem pole out of those characters and could be Negan’s first victim in the finale.

Though, there is something exciting and nerve-wracking of not really knowing what’s going to happen next. And while this was an engrossing episode because of anticipation, it was really just setup for the main event, The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 16.

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a bloody conclusion to what’s been a rather bumpy season.

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