Limitless, S1 E6 Review

I’m liking Limitless as a TV show more and more. Not only do I like Brian (and Rebecca), but I like how the series is looking into the past of NZT, such as where it came from and who developed it. I like the characters and plots, but these are all of the questions I was left with after the movie ended.

Last night’s episode contained several interesting plot lines. One, like the movie, was Brian succumbing to the side effects of NZT. He mentioned at one point his own personal catch 22- If he takes the pill there will be the side effects that might kill him. However, if he doesn’t take the pill, he can’t figure out how to stop the side effects. He almost loses his life… but not before a few other plot lines comes to fruition.

The second one was Rebecca asking to take place in a war games type situation where if she was the enemy, what would she do? I knew that she was an impressive agent at Brian’s side, but I didn’t know what she was like on her own. She’s so good! I would not want her working with the enemy.

Finally, we picked up on the plot line from last week with Brian telling Rebecca about her dad. First of all, when she mentioned that she could have him arrested, I had flashbacks to all of his Pill Brian videos, where discussed that he could end up going to jail; however, then she suggested they team up. Brian got to work finding out about her dad, his time in rehabilitation, and his weekly meetings with A.E. Long story short, A.E. stood for Andrew Epperly, who was the man who brought NZT to Ubient, although he didn’t tell them what it was. When the five patients he was conducting the human trials on mysteriously disappeared, he “died” but in actuality moved to Connecticut. While Sands did kill him in the end, he did confirm to Rebecca that her father was on NZT, but he did not know how to make the move. He had actually gotten an e-mail with a chemical formula and, having a father who had Alzheimer’s, realized what the drug could do.

Tying up all of the plot lines, Rebecca realizes that he doesn’t know anything about more NZT, so he can’t help Brian (even though he’s still lying to her about having side effects anyway). After the enormous success of the war games, the director of the FBI wants to meet with Rebecca, but she puts him off to go help Brian, seeking out Epperly. Finally, Brian meets with Morra. He had never wanted him to frame Rebecca. He wants to see what his limits are or if he will just take orders. In the end, Morra gives Brian five free NZT pills to use at his own discretion.

Here’s what I don’t understand. First, Naz still seems like a stereotypical boss. I can still see her firing Brian for treason as much as firing someone for stealing office supplies from any random company. To me, she has no defining characteristics. She doesn’t have a family or gamble or anything that we as viewers can say, “Oh that’s Naz.” She’ll always be Rebecca’s boss. I did like the amount of trust that she saw between Brian and Rebecca, but that wasn’t trait-worthy. It was just commentary.

Next, I still can’t quite peg Rebecca’s partner Boyle. For the first few episodes, I didn’t think he liked working with Brian. Then, in last night’s episode, he was all friendly and even asked him for a favor. Does he want to be friends? I don’t mind either way, but the Limitless writers needs to have him choose one or at least have him express his feelings for the viewers.

Also, I like what Limitless is doing with Mike and Ike. I wish that the show did a whole episode featuring one or both of them. I know that they’re the comic relief, but I’d like to learn more about them.

Finally, I feel that after last week’s episode being a cliffhanger, so to speak, “Side Effects May Include…” ended on a good note. Brian got another shot and more pills, and Rebecca is at a good place with the FBI, even though her boss is keeping an eye on her. All in all, good times.

What did you think of this episode?

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