TWD Season Six – Who Will Negan Kill?


Welcome to the guest writer column at Film and TV Nerd, this week we welcome back writer  with her thoughts on the up-coming episodes of the Walking Dead!

Just be aware that spoilers may lay ahead for those not familiar with the comic book story-lines.

I must say that the internet has been a buzz for the last 24 hours and AMC has been very busy. We’ve all been dissecting the spoiler footage of the season 6 finale where we get rapid fire glimpses of scenes that just leave us wanting more and guessing who or what is going on! If you’re not aware of this and want nothing to do with it, please stop reading now because even though you can’t decisively determine what and who, stuff is going on!

Let’s Go!


AMC has been very busy attempting to scrub the web of this footage which basically says that there’s really good reason to. The footage is legit and was not supposed to be released yet. I will provide a link for you to view it but you better get to it right away, since AMC is in fast and furious mode right now.

What do we see? OMG it’s going to be freaking awesome!!!!! We see Lucille, which means someone will be getting the bat. Someone is wounded so bad that Rick, Abraham, Carl and Aaron are carrying the person back, in running mode! We have another road confrontation with someone laying in the street unwilling to trade. There’s all kinds of speculation as to who is faced down on the ground (I think it’s Carol). We see someone holding Carol’s rosary beads but it doesn’t look like her hand. We see Morgan on horseback (where did the horse come from). A heavy fire fight in the woods. And the back of Negan!!

OMG!!!! Sunday just can’t get here soon enough!

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