X2: X-men United (2003) Review

Bryan Singer is back once more to direct the second instalment of the franchise, as the X-men band together once again in an attempt to kind a mutant assassin whom attempted to kill the president of the united states.

The opening scene is outstanding as a mutant known as Night Crawler teleports his way through various sections of the white house, taking down anyone who would dare to get in his way. This is truly flawless and provides almost a mixture of combat and ballet as he sets his sights on the president. Foiled at the very last moment, Nigh Crawler drops a knife with a ribbon attached to it that reads “Mutant Freedom”.

Now this film is not all action, but do not mistake that for any lulls, what we have here deep and meaningful character development, adding layers to everyone on screen. So when it comes to the action side of things you care for them by the time they do battle, it actually feels like the people come first and their powers come second and that’s the way it should be.

For the first time it feels like the X-men work as a team (Hence the united title) and unlike previous film that focused on Wolverine and Rouge, everyone here gets equal amount of screen time and development.  Most expanded upon are the students: Iceman, Rouge and Pyro, with each charter portrayed solidly the most perhaps being Pyro as he is conflicted at first but slowly aligns himself with Magneto.

As per usual Xavier and Magneto are flawless in their roles (But that’s just a given at this point) and we get to see Magneto taking a break from being a villain for a while as they look to take on Stryker who is hell bent on world domination.

What is nice here is the cameo’s that diehard fans will appreciate but at the same time without overloading the casual viewer. We have Beast mentioned and the appearance of Colossus and Jubilee (Who was more prominently featured in the cartoons).

And then there is the story its self, we come to learn how Wolverine gained his remarkable metal bones, we meet his creator Stryker and his son, the schools cover is blown and attacked.

The X-men and students either captured or separated all come to a head in an epic showdown at Alkali Lake as once again lines are drawn and sides are chosen before what was intended to be the last instalment to the franchise: The Last Stand.

This is one if those are exceptions where the sequel is actually better than the original, with a solid cast all returning and upping their game is testament not  only to Bryan Singer as a director but also to each member or the cast who perfectly suited their respective roles.

So out of a possible five stars, X2:  Xmen United Earns:


What did you think of X2?

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