Dare Devil, S2 E2 Review

As the cops investigate the hospital crime scene, Foggy is on the phone with Karen, explaining that he hasn’t seen Matt since the previous night. He tells her not to let anyone talk to Grotto.

Foggy hears reports of gunshots on the rooftop of a nearby building and nervously sprints to the roof. And another. He finds Daredevil slumped over and seemingly in shock. Gunshot wounds will do that to you.

Back at Matt’s apartment, he comes to and asks for aspirin. He’s remarkably nonchalant about getting shot in the head, saying he should have heard the gun while noting that the guy was fast, trained. The two friends argue about Matt’s desire to go back after the shooter, with Foggy attempting to get him to stop being Daredevil. He can’t win that battle, but he does make some headway by telling Matt to trust him to do his job.

Grotto is still plenty nervous at the police station, but he’s impressed at how Karen is holding up. Foggy confronts Grotto over the fact that it’s just one guy, but he — plausibly — says he just couldn’t believe it, mentioning that “every hit was like Seal Team 6.”

Brett stops in and asks Foggy and Karen to step outside. He advises them to take any witness protection deal offered by the DA and talks about “what Clemons used to say,” a nod to the late detective seen on Jessica Jones. Brett also says that the DA thinks the shooter is an independent vigilante, and he also raises the spectre of the guy being inspired by the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

I’m Loving this series right now, The punishing making is making this show a must watch!

Roll on the next episode

What did you think of this episode?

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