TWD Season Six -The Creeping Episode


Welcome to the guest writer column at Film and TV Nerd, this week we welcome back writer  with her thoughts on this weeks episode of the Walking Dead!

If you haven’t seen The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 14 “Twice As Far” please stop now as sadness follows and I’d hate to see your nose or mascara run from your tears. You’ve been warned!

Let’s go!

All the suspense for weeks has been who is going to die and although the season still has two more episodes remaining, the slow creeping death walk has begun and Denise was the first to fall. In this episode you could see this coming. She, for starters, wasn’t prepared for what was beyond Alexandria’s walls and was taking such silly risks like getting the ice cooler from the car with the live walker in it. Then she got all positive and sentimental on us (never a good sign) and that usually leads to bad things happening and in this case, she was speaking like she was shot through the heart, but it was through the eye. Didn’t see that coming! Poor Tara!

Once again we meet up with Dwight and yes Daryl; you should have killed them in the burnt forest. There will be so much more regret for that decision to come. This time, Dwight has met some unfortunate face changing fate as his face is half burnt. I’m sure we’ll learn how that came about soon enough but his posse has grown substantially since the first time we met him. It appears that he went back to the group that was hunting them down initially, but with a severe punishment for his disobedience. Daryl has been the one consistent character that has had numerous run-ins with this group (the forest, the observatory and now on the tracks). PS…Can we stay off the tracks please? It never leads to anywhere good!

Now you know we must have our chuckles about some of the dialogue and scenes in this episode. Eugene’s growing a pair when he tells Abraham, “You’ve outlived your usefulness to me.” and then chomping on a pair, when seizing his moment to help the others get away from Dwight and his goons. Eugene showed that he has grown up some which was also what Denise was trying to do but it didn’t work out as well for her in the end. This was not only an important moment between Abraham and Eugene, but also in front of Daryl and Rosita. Even though Abraham has been dumping and being dumped, it looks like him and Sasha are going to happen.

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