The Walking Dead, S6 E14 Review

If you’re watching The Walking Dead fully expecting a happy ending, you should probably stop watching now. The show has always had a devilish tendency to make bad things happen to good people, and Episode 14 proved to be no exception. This week’s death shocker was a literal bolt from the blue, and with just two episodes remaining in a stellar Season 6, it feels like the Saviours just drop-kicked a Rick-shaped hornet’s nest.

Denise wasn’t given long to impress, but her gutsy efforts endeared her to the fans’ hearts. Her sparkling speech in this week’s episode was a genuine highlight of Season 6, though it was cut short by a crossbow shot that electrified the remainder of the episode. It was a thumping shock, but while the death of the group’s only doctor is certainly significant, arguably the most crucial aspect of Denise’s demise is the re-emergence of an old face.

Dwight is back, with a burned face and a string of armed men under his command. Side-characters come and go, but his ruthless entry to Episode 14 and the subsequent scene proved that he’s certainly got substance. He’s only featured in a couple of installments, but Dwight has already managed to strike up a sizzling rivalry with Daryl, and you can almost guarantee he’ll show up before the season’s end. Hopefully he’s given a chance to crackle beyond the next pair of episodes as the show aims to develop the world and organically grow natural enemies among the contending groups.

But it’s not just character relationships that are building, Eugene outlined plans to Abraham about grinding a munitions factory into gear. It’s great to see the creators addressing many of the resources issues the group would be facing, and proves that the idea of sustainability and expanding one area is a great route to follow. Producing ammunition would add weight to the group’s growing reputation, and would provide a genuine asset for Rick & Co. as they plant a foot in the ground around Alexandria going into Season 7.

(On a brief side-note, Abraham feels like this season’s gem. He can drift between emotional wrecking ball, to regimental soldier, to a dark witted loose cannon with the flick of his tongue, with pin-sharp one-liners proving that he can bring a wholly unique style to the show. Now back to the main review…)

Morgan’s jail cell also offers a signal of longevity, as well as a literal, concrete alternative to killing. It has proven to be a major theme throughout Season 6, and it has posed some tantalising ethical questions for both the group and the audience. Carol has been emotionally torn apart in the last few episodes, and she threw this week’s curveball with a guilt-ridden disappearance that casts confusions across her entire storyline.

Overall it was yet another great outing for a show which has really demonstrated its capabilities since the mid-season break. The first half of ‘Twice As Far’ wasn’t particularly spectacular, more a classic case of Walking Dead buildup, but once Denise’s speech came to its abrupt end, proceedings really leaped up a gear and provided a fizzing ending that leaves us desperate for the next episode. And thanks to Season 6’Bs consistency, we can finally trust that the show will follow up a good outing, with another memorable episode.

what did you think of this episode?

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