Lucky Man, S1 E6 Review

Its been a little while since my last review of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man and the series has long since finished. So i may be playing catch up,but here is a brief episode six review

A little more mythology is revealed in this episode as Eve recounts the tragic death of her late Mother to Harry and gives him a demonstration of just how powerful the bracelet really is.

Also in the procedural side of the series Harry and Suri investigate the suspicious death of  a black man with a rare blood group that ties to the city of London’s assistant mayor, who also happens to be the same blood type. But in order to capture the doctor that allegedly did a kidney operation on the assistant mayor using the dead man’s Kidney. Suri must place herself in mortal danger.

Also in this episode Lily-Anne Lau is released from police custody and vows revenge against Harry for her temporary captivity.

Although we get a little more mythology surrounding the bracelet in this episode. There is still a tendency to rely a little to heavy on the police procedural crime of the week, but lucky this weeks was a little more engaging and interesting than what we were presented last time.

Short and sweet as honestly i have really turned off this boring and dull series. I honestly cant believe that someone with the imagination of Stan Lee could create such a boring show. At this point im just willing my self on to finish what i started.

What did you think of this episode?

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Thank you for reading.




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