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There are spoilers ahead so if you have not already seen The Walking Dead, Season 6 Episode 13 “The Same Boat”, please stop reading now because I’m not responsible for you learning about something prematurely.

Here we go!

This episode was all about the ladies. Their internal battles; their ability to overcome so much and still survive, but this was also about the maternal instincts of these women; The Savior members and our group. The Savior ladies all had their stories to tell about how it was before the apocalypse happened. Paula, Michelle and Molly showed different stages of where Carol and Maggie have been and may go in the future.

You have Michelle demonstrating the beginning of it all. Her naïveté and unsubstantiated threats were almost laughable in the current times. You could tell there was no there, there. Molly had already given up in the sense that’s she a dead woman walking anyway, so there’s really nothing that you can do to me attitude. Her disposition and I don’t give a crap attitude probably made her more dangerous than the others, but the lack of true leadership made her just another follower. Now Paula was straddling both the hope and the surrender to circumstance displayed in the other two women. While she could read the outward act that Carol was displaying, she also allowed herself to become vulnerable by opening up and buying into the act.

Maggie and Carol on the other hand are going through their own internal struggles. After Morgan got into Carol’s head, she hasn’t been right. When she stopped Maggie from ending one of the Saviors that demonstrated just how deeply Morgan got to her. Bringing it back to the humanity of it all showed her maternal side and while Carol’s character has completely evolved and if she can’t find the balance to survive, she won’t survive for much longer. This whole incident made it that much harder for her to do just that. Maybe trapping the other Saviors on the kill floor, setting it ablaze and hearing their screams reinforced their positions, but in the end, both women were weaker emotionally because of it.




Maggie, on the other hand, is Carol back at the prison. After seeing what happens when you don’t finish the job, she doesn’t want to have to deal with them again. She has seen that when you try to give them the benefit of the doubt, it bites you almost every time. They have something good right now and she wants it protected not just for the group, but for the baby. As she evolves, what you’re seeing in her is a very strong leader emerge and even though she’s part of our group, she would be a valuable asset to anyone but also a threat. What you also saw was the disgust and regret after she realized the humanity in what she just did to those men. Self-defense is one thing but a preemptive strike was what she did with unsusceptible victims. Would they have killed her and Carol, who knows, but I’m still waiting for our group to penetrate the inner circle of Negans group.

Glenn maggie

Negan is getting closer to making his debut and I’m really getting a bad feeling about it. From what the cast members are saying about it, to how they’re acting on other shows, like The Talking Dead (did you see how Melissa McBride (Carol) was acting?

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